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Co-op food

A portion of member rent goes into a budget which is used to purchase communal food. A prepared dinner is provided at least five nights a week during Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Food Sources: Year Round

  • Organically Grown Organically Grown is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a proud supporter of organic farmers.
  • Surata Soyfoods offers bulk buckets of tofu in 15, 20 and 25 pound amounts and bulk sheets of tempeh. They deliver on certain days of the week, you need to call and determine what day that is and when you need to place an order by. You can also pick up an order in person and if you go in on Tuesdays or Thursdays, between 10-4, you can buy tofu and tempeh scraps at a discount (subject to availability).
  • Hummingbird Wholesale is a natural foods wholesaler here in Eugene. They carry bulk items like 25lb bags of flour, rice, beans, as well as large sized containers of oils, vinegars, nut butters, and honey. The also offer a discount if you pick up by bike.
  • GloryBee Foods is a natural foods wholesaler here in Eugene. They carry bulk dry goods, as well as large sized containers of oils, vinegars, nut butters, and honey.
  • Sundace is a natural foods store at 24th and Hilyard (walking distance). They have a wide variety of organic and natural products and will order items in bulk quantity like toilet paper, soymilk, and Earth Balance.
  • The Red Barn is one of the oldest natural foods stores in Eugene. Check out the Buyer's Club for bulk purchases.

Food Sources: Seasonal

  • The Farmers Market is a great source for locally produced foods and produce. A market is held on Saturdays downtown accross from the Saturday Market, on Tuesdays and Thursdays downtown in place of the Saturday Market. The market will open the 2009 season on April 4th.
  • Several Winter Farmers Markets are taking place in the area during February and March, prior to the April 4 start of the Lane County Farmers Market.  Below are the sites where you purchase local foods directly from the producers.

Lane County Farmers Market downtown site, 8th and Oak:  Saturdays, Feb 14 & 28, March 14 & 28, 10 am - 2 pm

Winter Market at Mazzi’s, 3377 E Amazon Dr, Eugene: Every Saturday, 10 am - 1 pm

  • CSA Farm shares around Eugene enable us to buy locally grown, organic, and fresh produce, and most have a website for their share subscriptions.   To see a listing of all CSA farms and local farms that sell direct check out the Willamette Farm & Food Coalition site.

Non Food Items

These are various things we purchase with food money for the co-ops, and links for specific sources.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Tooth Paste
  • Shampoo/Soap

  • Food Survey (from the Lorax) used for getting info on which foods to buy during the terms.

Food Principles

There is an informal effort to purchase as many items as possible as locally as possible. What could this mean for the beloved Earth Balance? Stay tuned!

Interesting article on the benefits of a healthier, more-nutritious diet. “Bottom line: Buy organic if you can afford it, buy local when you can find it, and in the best of all worlds, buy local and organic.”