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Joining the wiki

The SCA wiki is only as good as we make it. It's up to us - the members of the SCA - and to anyone that passes by this site, to update and maintain, and add to the content of the wiki. The more we have here, the more we'll be able to save for future co-opers, and the more history we'll be able to pass on to the next generations.

A lot of the wiki-links in here are broken and point to the old wiki pages. If you come across one, please note it somewhere (in the comments at the bottom would be good!), or better yet - get an account to edit the wiki and fix it! For access to edit the wiki please email the scaoffice. The email address is: scaoffice dot messages at gmail dot com.

Only people with accounts can edit the wiki. This is for the good of the wiki because the internet has become overrun with 'bots' that automatically trash content that we've spent a lot of time working on. Accounts are free to anyone that asks for one. Please be careful when editing or deleting content - let's try to keep things around and not get rid of too much stuff.