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Membership Contract


                                                                                                    , referred to as "Member", makes the following contract with Students' Cooperative Association (S.C.A.) in order to become a full member.  This contract shall be effective October 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018, beginning ________________,20____.  Conditions of this contract are:

1. Eligibility:  Member agrees to be a student as defined in the "Membership Requirements Policy."

2. Execution:  Members shall sign this document in duplicate and deliver one signed copy to S.C.A.   If a member is under 18 years of age a parent or legal guardian must also sign.

3. Initial Membership Fees:  All members of S.C.A. are also members of NASCO, the North American Students of Cooperation.  As such, each S.C.A. member is charged an initial NASCO membership fee of $40.00 upon first moving into S.C.A.  This fee is non-refundable.

4. Deposits/Moving In:  A $300 refundable deposit is required of each member.  A new member may pay the deposit in 1 or 2 installments. For 1 installment, full deposit must be paid before member may receive keys to their house/room and enjoy any membership privileges. For 2 installments, member must pay $150 before moving in and $150 after one month. Members will be held financially liable for damage to their rooms incurred during membership.

Within 30 days of moving out, members will either receive a refund of their deposit (less any fines or debts owed to S.C.A.) or an explanation of why they are not eligible to receive their deposit back.  A "Checkout Form" must be completed to start this process.  For more information, please refer to the Member Deposit Policy in S.C.A. Policy Book.

5. Cancellation during the contract period:  Any member may cancel this contract during the academic year in which it is signed by giving written notice to the Corporate Membership Coordinator at least 30 days in advance of the desired cancellation date. The member is liable for the next 30 days' fees, and WILL FORFEIT HALF THEIR DEPOSIT IF LEAVING IN THE MIDDLE OF A TERM.  Members giving 30 days' notice to leave at the end of an academic term will be eligible for a full deposit refund.

If a member gives less than 30 days' written notice before moving out, they will forfeit their full deposit.

In the case of emergencies, member may appeal to the board of directors for a refund of their full deposit.

6. Social Code: Member agrees to act in ways that do not prevent or discourage another member from living and/or boarding in their assigned house or room. A full description of social code and related violations can be found in the “dispute policy” of the SCA policy book.

7. No Weapons Code:  It is understood by each member that S.C.A. will not tolerate any member, guest, or visitor to possess weapons unless they are disassembled and locked up, and only if the individual has the proper permits to own such a weapon.  This includes, but is not limited to, guns, crossbows, bb-guns, stilettos (a kind of knife), and other implements of harm.  Any person found in possession of a weapon on S.C.A. property will be asked to leave immediately.  A member found in violation of this policy will be immediately evicted.

8. Pet Policy: Member agrees to obtain house approval prior to bringing in pets. Licensed service and support animals are exempt from needing house approval.

9. Compliance:  Member agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of S.C.A., their respective house (including but not limited to the Dispute Policy, Drug policies, Collections policies, Work Party policies, and Job Fine policies) and by the actions of the Board of Directors as limited by the By-laws of S.C.A. Non-compliance can result in the termination of membership as decided by Board of Directors. Upon the failure of an appeal to the Board of Directors or General Membership, Member agrees to vacate S.C.A. houses within 72 hours unless otherwise designated by Board of Directors. In this instance, member agrees to forfeit all fees and deposits unless the Board chooses to return all or part of said money.

10. Meeting Attendance:  Member agrees to attend at least 2/3 of all house meetings during the term. Member agrees to attend the General Membership Meetings and SCA Workshops in accordance with the SCA Policies, and Bylaws. Failure to attend at least 2/3 of all house meetings may result in termination of membership with 30 days notice, as determined by the member’s house or the Board of Directors.

11. Member agrees to pay for any and all court costs and attorney fees if S.C.A. should prevail in a suit against the member.

12. Housing Fees:  The housing fees for each term are determined by the SCA Board of Directors.  Fees may be lowered at any time prior to the beginning of a new term, but any notice of increase will be given at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the next term.  MEMBERSHIP FEES MUST BE PAID ON TIME. Timely payments will be paid on the 1st of the month.  If a member fails to pay their fees in full by the 7th of the month, they will be subject to a late fee. If a member fails to pay their fees in full by the 14th of the month, they will be subject to a financial review at the following Board of Directors meeting. Financial reviews may result in having membership revoked and being issued a 72-hour eviction, unless otherwise designated by Board of Directors.








$322.00 per person

13. Payments:  Payments by check shall be made payable to “S.C.A.” and shall be given to the House Treasurer or the Business Office.  Members failing to submit timely payments or a properly completed Promissory Note will be subject to penalties outlined in the Collections policy. Cash payments shall only be made to the Business Office.

14. Member agrees to report to the Board any infraction of the rules and regulations of S.C.A. which could result in injury to any person or loss of any property, both private and corporate.

15. Membership in the co-op carries with it several kinds of responsibilities in which each member must share.  These include not only financial (paying fees on time) but also social, maintenance, and management tasks.  It is vital to the co-op's success that each member understand and carry out these duties in a timely, cooperative, and coordinated way. Member agrees to fulfill these duties to the best of their abilities.

Printed Name: ______________________________________

Signature: __________________________________   Date: _______

(Parent or Guardian, if member is under 18 years of age)

Deposit Option (check one):

 1 payment of $300 2  payments of $150 each

Students’ Cooperative Association
1648 Alder Street

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Processed by:

SCA Title:


Only office staff or Corporate Membership Coordinator may process contracts

Food Plan (automatic, unless you opt out): I would like to opt out of the food plan

All houses have a house food/meal plan that new members are automatically enrolled in, unless they indicate here otherwise. In order opt in the future, they must notify the office and house food coordinators by the 15th of the month prior to being removed. There will be no immediate removals or refunds of food plan fees.



1. Members who move in after the 1st of the month are responsible for paying prorated fees upon move in. Prorated fees will be determined by the business office.

2. Members who have APPROVED Promissory Notes will use the fee deadlines as set forth in the members promissory note and/or extension form.


1. S.C.A. will extend housing fees credit to members when it helps S.C.A. to meet its organizational goals, but to not extend credit when such an act will harm S.C.A.

2. To request housing fees credit, a member must submit to the Business Office a properly completed Member Credit Request, Background Information Sheet, and Promissory Note before the fee deadline date.

3. All promissory notes must have current written proof of the ability to pay, consisting of one or more of the following documents:  financial aid statement; 2 months' pay stubs; 3 months' bank or credit union statements; and/or documentation of a trust fund, including dates of disbursement.

4. If the promissory note does not include current proof of ability to pay, it must be co-signed by an individual who can provide written proof of ability to pay as outlined above.

5. Requests for housing fees credit and promissory notes will be considered by the board of directors during any financial reviews.

A full explanation of the Promissory Note procedure and requirements can be found in the S.C.A. Business Office or in the current copy of the S.C.A. Financial Policies.


1. No member may return as a member for the next term if they have an outstanding balance at the end of the current term.

2. It is the member's responsibility to follow financial policies and be aware of their account standing.

3. Delinquent member fee collections will begin when:

  1. A member who is paying by the S.C.A. installment plan does not pay the required fees and does not submit a correct and complete promissory note to the Business Office by the S.C.A. installment fee deadline; or

  2. A member paying under an approved promissory note does not make payments as agreed to in the promissory note.

4. The Delinquent Member Collections process terminates only when:

  1. The member pays all debts in full up to the appropriate installment date;

  2. A promissory note is approved;

  3. The member is evicted from the premises; or

  4. The member successfully appeals the process through the Board of Directors.

5. The Delinquent Member Collection process is as follows:

  1. Payments are due on the first of the month. They become ate after the 7th of the month, at which point, the member is assessed a $15 late fee with an additional fee of $1/day the payment is late. This fine will be waived if the member completes and submits a Promissary Note to the Financial Committee. Financial Reviews will be held as part of board meetings once per month. If the board chooses, they may issue a 30-day eviction notice for members who have not paid their fees.

  2. If the evicted member fails to leave the premises through self-eviction, S.C.A. will begin eviction proceedings in Lane County District Court, and the member will be charged a non-refundable $101.00 fine.

  3. When eviction papers are filed, all unpaid fees, fines, and other S.C.A. debts are immediately due.

  4. S.C.A. will stop the legal eviction process only when the member makes full payment in cash, money order, or cashiers’ check at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled court appearance. If payment is not made, the legal eviction process will continue. If the member pays all S.C.A. debts in cash, money order, or cashiers’ check within 72 hours after the court appearance the member may continue as a member for the rest of the term.

  5. If a member wishes to live in an S.C.A. house in any subsequent term after having the eviction process (self or legal eviction) initiated against them, they must appeal to the Board for that term and for the next term they wish to live in S.C.A.  If the Board agrees to allow the member to return, all fees for the approved term(s) must be paid in full on the first installment due date.

  6. If the member fails to pay in full after being evicted, fees will be collected in accordance with the Past Member Collections Policy.

6. Members are responsible for bounced checks. If a member's check bounces:

  1. The member will be charged a $15.00 fee;

  2. the member must participate in the next financial reviews; and

  3. the following payment must be made in cash, money order, or cashiers’ check.

7. If a member's check bounces during the collection process the process continues as if the payment had not been made.

              8.     Members who move out owing balances to S.C.A. may be turned over to an outside collection agency in              
                     accordance with the Past Member Collections Policy.

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Oct 3, 2017, 1:03 PM