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Self Government

As a member of SCA you become a part owner of our non-profit corporation. All members have an opportunity for input as to how the organization shall be run. This fundamental idea is what sets the co-op apart from any other type of student housing. We are free from landlords, housing administrators, and parents; we collectively take care of ourselves.

With this freedom comes responsibility. For the co-op to be truly responsive to members, participation must occur at all levels. The co-op is a community; we have a government, we provide services, we maintain our buildings, and we have social events to strengthen bonds. Every job is important to maintaining the whole. Everyone is, in effect, exchanging some of their time and energy for some of the same from everyone else. Becoming active in the government of the co-op can be a rewarding and educational experience. Learning to conduct a meeting or read financial statements is often valuable outside the co-op. There are many crucial administrative positions within the co-op which may not be noticed in your everyday existence here.

The most predominant expression of our self government are the weekly house meetings at which members meet with their housemates to discuss perceived problems and possible solutions. House meetings are also a valuable social event; they are often the only event at which members can sit around and discuss their feelings about the house and the co-op in general with their housemates.

Other governing bodies of SCA include the General Membership and the Board of Directors. You will find brief descriptions of these governing bodies and some of their components under Government and Administration of Students' Co-operative Association.