SCA Office Helper:

Approved by The Board of Directors December 2, 1992


1.  TERM OF OFFICE.  The Office Helper shall be elected by The general membership at The General Membership Meeting.  The Office Helper shall serve for a term of one year from The date of election.


2.  GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES.  The Office Helper shall have The following general responsibilities:

                A.  Basic clerical work, such as photocopying and filing, for The SCA Corporate Office.

                B.  Basic office and copy room cleanup, such as emptying The garbage and recycling bins.

                C.  Photocopying and distributing The Board Packets each week.


3.  SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES.  The Office Helper shall have The following specific responsibilities:

                A.  On a weekly basis The Office Helper shall:

                                1.  Photocopy any forms that are needed as found in The "Photocopy" file.

                                2.  Check other houses for SCA Business Office mail.

                                3.  File paid bills and member information (contracts, applications, check-out forms, etc.)


B.  Twice a month The Office helper shall empty garbage and recycling boxes in both The office and The copy room, and sweep The office.


                C.  At The beginning of each Summer Term The Office Helper shall work with The Business Manager to:

                                1.  Create new fiscal year files as needed.

                                2.  Write up new balance sheets for each individual member.


D.  The Office Helper shall do any other duties as recommended by The Business Manager, Chairperson, or any other Director, if reasonable advance notice of these special duties has been given to The Office Helper.



                A.  The Office Helper shall report directly to The SCA Chairperson.

                B.  The Office Helper shall receive TWO (2) job points as compensation.