Board meeting notes 3 Dec. 2008

Check-In: Trip, Jasmine, Melanie, Chris, Ruth, Eric H, George, Troy, Katie, Thomas.

During check-in we determined that if we were wizzards and the SCA were Hogwarts, the Lorax would be Griffindor, the CC would be Slytherin, and the janet smith would be Ravenclaw. Beyond that we determined that the majority of board members haven't even read Harry Potter and had no idea what we were talking about.

CAMPBELL CLUB FRIZBEE FIASCO UPDATE: George has the press release. CC is not asking for corporate money. Yet. Lauren Reagan discussed the case with them yesterday, and will be assisting the CC as a group. Many residents are also getting their own lawyers. People are acting individually possibly because of all being ticketed individually.  According to a rummor, there were approximately 47 noise violations handed out and if everyone pleads guilty it may slow down the system somewhat.  We discussed weather the EPD Seige might be having a negative impact on the coops' image in the greater community, in all the media coverage, etc.  Discussed the role/rights/responsibilities of the frizbee team towards damaged property, etc. The individuals who bought the kegs are probably getting hefty tickets for charges of "false swearing" or something like that. Apparently it is very illegal to move a keg from the location to which it has been registered. An individual from the frizbee team publically took responsibility in an interview with the newspaper, saying it was his private party. We discussed suing the city for damages to the house and if this could affect our application for a SWARM loan. Campbell Clubbers were questioned about why they allowed the frizbee people to throw a party at all. Past 3 parties went relatively smoothly. They had no idea it could become this big of a deal with the police.

Lorax downstairs toilet is broken, and dripping into the tool room; house maintenance money may cover it but just in case we proposed and approved up to $500.00 out of the currently $9,800.00-remaining-for-the-term  (Luke: I don't believe this is an accurate statement. We don't put in 10K per term. That is how much we have until we put in more next term) corporate maintenance fund to be used if necessary.

SWARM UPDATE: Still talking to Tom from NASCO, setting up a conference call with him next week. There should be some sort of a plan set up by the beginning of next term.  What financial capital can SCA set down, (in freshly minted unmarked cash) they are asking us. Currently zero...There are two separate branches of NASCO which SWARM (AH! Too Many Acronyms! TMA!) can work with: NASCO Properties and NASCO Development. NASCO Properties can cosign a loan with the SCA, but Tom expressed reserve; NASCO Development could help with setting things up, but not financially (no involvement with the loans). In light of "the current housing crisis," the SCA needs serious capital to get a loan. This means we need to get chummy with our wealthy friends and former '80's and '70's-era co-opers who have hopefully ammassed great wealth by now. 

WESTCO UPDATE: We are hosting it. First week of April? Next term we plan to hold almost-weekly-meetings to plan for WESTCO. An alumni thing could be organized with the same group of interested co-opers (of couse the allumni event would probably happen at a different date, being separate from WESTCO).

ORGANIZING AN SCA/CO-OP ALLUMNI EVENT UPDATE: should we try to have an allumni dinner/auction as a fundraiser? Create a 501 3C (nonprofit) organization for coop allumni? search for as many former coopers who are now lawyers, as possible? IF you know anyone who was a past co-oper (an 'alumni'), get their addresses to us!

WEEKEND UPDATE: there's a Yule Ball or something like that happening sometime next weekend, the weekend during which unemployed loosers like me have to move out of the houses because we're no longer paying members. You all probably know more about this than I do, but it sounds like it will be an amazing party, even if you haven't read Harry Potter.