corporate meeting notes 1 oct 2008

First Meeting of the SCA Corporate Board for 2008-09 School Year
October 1, 2008.
At the Janet Smith House.

Check-in: Heather, Erich, Chris, Ruth, George, Katie, Jasmine, Trip, Troy, Thomas, Ann, and Melanie.

Part 1: Apply for Scholarships from NASCO if you want to go to NASCO (North American Student Cooperative Organization's national conference).  The deadline is Friday of next week.  Other funds through ASUO may be able to help you pay for the cost of going (because the NASCO scholarship isnt' enough by itself)--if we go to their meetings and ask nicely for it.  So far it sounds like 5 co-opers plan to send in applications. (A mass email was sent out since this meeting, hopefully to all co-opers, telling more about NASCO, how to apply, etc. Trip & Erich are the ones who agreed to do this)--if you haven't gotten an email yet about NASCO ask someone else to forward it to you/get on the list!

Proposal: if you don't apply for a NASCO scholarship, the SCA Won't help you with additional funds--passes.

Part 2: Corporate Maintenance--trip checked in. The miantenance team is still working out their kinks and rethinking their decision to devote so much time to the corporate level. I think that is what they were saying. The J.S.ers' discussion in the neighboring room was getting rather loud at this point. Anyway I think they said something about the C.C. corporate Maintenance co-ordinator taking over his house-level maintenance position and leaving the corporate position, if their current c.c. house maintenance co-ord resigns.

--Ruth's car runs off veggy-oil and she plans to set up buckets at all the houses for y'all to give her leftover oil--only non-trans-fats oils...instructions will hopefully be put on the buckets.
--Reggae party at the Lorax Saturday Night, wear red&gold&green.
--Cascadia Wildlands Project Hoedown for the ancient forests is Saturday night also, in Cottage Grove.
--Thursday at 8pm was the New co-op meeting at the Campbell Club.
--Use diva cups and donate blood to the Campbell Club front yard soils/compost.