Corporate Meeting Notes 12 Nov 2008

The Seventh meeting of the 2008-09 SCA Corporate Board, held at the Janet Smith House on November 12th, 2008.

Check-in (and what was your favorite pumpkin on Halloween):
Max (sideways face),
Chris (didn't actually see any),
George (Max's cubist pumpkinface),
Katie of the Lorax (Giant eye),
Jason (lightly carved tricolor pumpkin),
Zoey (Sundance auction pumpkin which weighs 357 pounds and which she will be carving into a boat and sailing across a lake),
Katie of the Janet Smith (multi-jawed pumpkin with bikelights in their teeth),

Erich (political/Palin pumpkins),
Thomas (this one at his mom's house...),
Noah (Campbell Club Steve's weird alien pearshaped pumpkin),
Janet Smith house rep. who never said her name loud enough that I could catch it (one carved like Van Gogh's Stary Night),
Ruth (Also steve's literally terrifying "tear-into-people's hearts-scairy" pumpkin),
Daniel (none specific),
Melanie (one with a painted face that was hiding, unexpectedly, amongst potted plants),
Abbie (a polkadotted pumpkin)

CRAC update: currently working on SCA Grievance Forms.

Membership update: working on landscaping grant at the Campbell Club, Lorax floor plans remain an unsolved mystery.
    They may ask the SCA Board for up to $60 to hire Jude Hobbs from Cascadia Horticulture to help with landscaping plans.

SWARM update: come to the WOPR Rally in Salem in Friday!

1. Janet Smith Proposal: use corporate maintenance funds to buy 4 "Tin Cat" $25.00-apiece rat traps to share between houses (and the Janet Smith in particular), which are capable of catching up to four rats at once. Proposal passes. Additionally the Campbell Club would like to offer cats...

2. Landscaping plans, general discussion--these were originally plans for all 3 houses but the Campbell Club became the primary candidate with the most usable front-yard-space. The potential up-to-$60-fee for bringing a professional landscaper to help us create a great front yard would most likely come out of the membership budget.

3. NASCO--Max recently returned from NASCO, and will probably give a presentation at the next General Membership Meeting, in the begining of January. [Note to any board members wondering what we finally decided about this--I found the details of what we discussed at the should-we-send-them-to-NASCO meeting, and they are on the wiki, somewhere in the first few weeks of October].

Tomorrow at 7pm, Ben Linder Room, UO EMU building, Survival Center is sponsoring an event featuring an anti-Chevron activist.

Friday at 10am-noon, in Salem at the Capital Building, is the STOP THE WOPR RALLY! Come join us in speaking for the trees, the owls, the red tree voles, the endangered marbled murrelets, the threatened amphibian species, the rare lichens, headwater streams with the last still-healthy salmon runs, and some of the most beautiful old-growth reserves in Western Oregon! This is probably the biggest rally to happen in a long time; even my little sister who goes to highschool in Astoria heard about it.