Corporate meeting notes 19 nov 2008



Check-in & favorite restaurant: Trip: The Lorax Manner Cuisine, Melanie: Toshi's/Ta-Ra-Rin, Thomas: Marche, Chris: Morning Glory, Ruth: Keystone Cafe, Anne: Beppe' & Gianni's, Erich: ExpressoRoma, Katie: Keystone, Alvin: Green Duck, George: Tracktown, Jasmine: McMinamens.

MEMBERSHIP REVIEW: Alvin owes $1600.00. Due to failed work-trade project, becoming a firefighter but not getting called, massive debt to U of O and the Phil Knight Library, etc. He currently has 3 jobs, is looking for winter-break-seasonal jobs, will get 3 paychecks next week, and plans to share a double 3 ways next term. Proposal to keep Alvin, hoping he can pay back $800.00 by first board meeting of next term during Week 2 (or a minimum of $450 and check in with a list of jobs he applied for and did/didn't get between now and then). Proposal passes no stand asides.

JANET SMITH ROOF PATCHING: Their roof is leaking and needs patching with the roof-cement-tar-stuff that Trip has a good understanding of. We discussed having work-traders (or members needing to make up lots of work-party hours) do the patching rather than paying a professional roof patcher. Alvin is the top candidate for this position. If he doesn't want to then we will ask work-traders with the appropriate combination of knowledge and experience. If they don't do it by next week we will call a professional. Materials to be purchased with JS maint. fund.

WESTCO: other NASCO'ers didn't even know what it was before we brought it up! But we would like to have it here! We'll choose a date as soon as possible and start planning. Potentially the beginning of April. We could throw a benefit party to help fund a wonderful conference. Might even host a workshop on “How to Pay for WESTCO.” Proposal: The SCA is comfortable hosting WESTCO at an appropriate date for all the schools involved. Passes.

SWARM: Tom Peerson, NASCO Director, will contact us this week. NASCO Development or something like that can help us through things like loans, lawyers, buildings, etc.

THANKSGIVING AT THE CC WITH TURKEY????? Passive aggressive Lorax still not replying. The JS states that they will be cooking a turkey and eating meat, dairy, etc. at their house. They will consider (after Thomas asks at the house meeting) joining the CC if they can bring their food with them and eat it too. The CC plans to have a ton of vegetarian and vegan food to offer as well.

SILKSCREENING: Recently, The Tomato Project came and used up obscene quantities of silk screening supplies bought with SCA corporate membership money. UO bookstore is currently having a 25% off sale and so we proposed to spend up to $100.00 in membership funds to replenish our supply of toxic silk screening materials made from mined metal and petroleum products stolen from third-world countries (hoping that the Survival Center can reimburse some of Project Tomatoe's portion of silkscreening materials that were used up). Proposal passes.

TRI-HOUSE PROJECTOR: The Lorax Broke it! CC is pissed because they watch it every night! It sparks. Is definitely broken. Additionally a piece of tape that said “do not remove” was removed. We need to find a new one. Melanie: there is a projector review website to aid in finding us reliable models. If one can be found for reasonable cost, it can be proposed to spend corporate funds on another one...