Corporate Meeting Notes 5 Nov 2008

The Sixth Meeting of the 2008-09 SCA Corporate Board
Campbell Club, November 5th. 2008

(and what food best represents how you felt last night):
Heather--Jalepino paupers (I know i'm somehow spelling this wrong),
Melanie ("it has been a week of fire")--mac & cheese
Ann--Seitan with really good sauce
Erich--Amazing pasta, and for desert The Maveric (white cake+blueberries+chocolate chips on top representing Obama domination...)
Katie--chocolate chip cookiedough icecream...
Ruth--"by the way, a maveric is a horse that starts fights with all the others and has to be put down."
Chris--peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches, and tea
Jasmine--arrived slightly late and so she skipped answering the check-in question.

Maintenance update:............that's two...
Membership update: 4 people are trying to return to the Lorax during winter term but there are still not enough rooms to accomodate them all; Janet Smith will stay the same; Campbell Club has got its winter term floor plan already figured out. Membership committee still working on getting a co-op reunion party going.  Barry is looking into sustainable grants for landscaping.
Halloween party: went well, DPS came, police actually "nice."
CRAC update: minor issues in houses, working to resolve them. several workshops in the works. Emails with details for all.

1)Heart of Now Workshop: Since the main CRAC issues are related to people not respecting other peoples' differing ways of being who they are, and since the Heart of Now workshops are creative ways of getting to the core of who people are, and of breaking down the protective barriers everyone puts up against understanding/accepting/being happy with eachother, the CRAC team wants to put on a Heart of Now Workshop.
Potential date: Sunday, January 11th from 11am-4pm--a five-hour workshop made up of many short excercizes (the CRACs are compiling a list of personal growth & respect issues specifically related to the current SCA needs). These workshops are excelent at getting groups and communities to bond on a closer level, and are required at several other intentional living communities before someone can even join.  Cost: ~$900.00. CRACs hope to raise at least half of funds by holding a benefit concert (maybe a reggae show). They may return at a later date to ask the board for 0-$400.00 (from the collective education fund), if needed to help with funding.

2)FIREALARMS: So. in the past, the standard SCA policy to follow, after one of the houses' fire alarms went off, was to immediately call the fire alarm number listed somewhere near the alarm box, and tell them not to send a fire truck (unless the house is actually burning down). However, NOW, as soon as a fire alarm gets pulled/goes off, the company CALLS US, and if they cannot get ahold of us they will call/send the fire truck to our house

Recently (Tuesday at 7:30am) the alarm went off at the Campbell Club, they called the fire company (who put them on hold and tied up the house 1st. floor phoneline), and then the alarm company tried to call the other Campbell Club phone numbers, including the second floor phoneline (which is locked up in a clothset) and the 3rd floor phone, where no one thought to answer it, because they thought the people on the first floor were already dealing with the problem. By that time, the alarm company had decided to send the fire truck over to the Campbell Club. Sending the fire truck to the Campbell Club costs $500.00 in gas because of the rising costs of fossil fuels, all of the City of Eugene's funds going to the police force rather than the fire department, the ongoing war in Iraq, etc. etc. SO, the Campbell Club is working on making all of their phone numbers and lines answerable and accountable, etc. Proposal: that the SCA Corporate Board reimburse the Campbell Club $500.00 in corporate funds to pay for sending-the-fire-truck-charges--passes.

3)Janet Smith Parking: Current SCA Parking Policy is nearly perfect.  However, currently one SCA member is planning to store 2 cars at the Janet Smith lot for two months, using up expensive university-front parking while other SCA members currently using vehicles on a regular basis have to park ten thousand blocks away from their home.  Proposal: ammend corporate parking policy to state that "SCA members will have no more than ONE car parked in co-operative lots, at any one time, barring extenuating circumstances."--Proposal passes with 2 stand-asides (those members standing aside were from the Lorax, and were unsure about the situation this might create for their housemate with all the cars).
Further discussion:
--if a member would like to store a car long-term or if they have more than one car, they should consider parking out near 22nd. street where there is a free parking zone.  Others (co-opers and friends) already do this.
--guest policy: current policy already states that no partners, family members, etc. will park in SCA spots. 
--work-traders--they aren't paying at all to store their cars, so this situation is weird...
--members wanting to store cars: propose to do so (on a case-by-case basis) to the house at which lot is located.

4)SWARM update:
Jasmine has talked with another local person--they were impressed by what we are planning to do.  They said that most similar ventures get started with the help of a professional lawyer.  The people Jasmine has met with have suggested different lawyers that do pro-bono work for low-cost housing projects.