corporate meeting notes 8 Oct. 2008

2nd. meeting of the SCA Corporate Board, 2008-09.
October 8th, 2008

Check-In (and what is your favorite fall plant): Jasmine, Katie (Dwarf birtch), Cris, Trip, Ruth (Sugar Maple), Ann, Melanie, Max (White Oak), Joshua (willow), Heather (Butternut Squash), George (Japanese Maple), Erich (lowrush cranberrry).

Maintenance: is working on getting an estimate on coasts of fixing wiring & plumbing in both CC and Lorax. Also looking at getting grants to do solar water & electricity & better windows, etc.

Membership: had a meeting yesterday. Next meeting: Tuesday at 4:30. They discussed how to choose applicants in the future--should we just choose the next person on the list based on who applied first? WE have a LONG waiting list for winter term already.  Should new people come to dinner and a meeting? (people generally think yes). SCA table at UO sustainability conference October 23rd.
Family fun night tomorrow at the Campbell Club with screen printing. Possible fall events--pumpkin carving, etc.

The Wiki: a calendar has been set up on the wiki for us to list events. Also there should soon be a wiki calendar for people to note when they wish to use the projector.

NASCO: Email with info. was sent out to all SCA. So far only 4 people applied, some have gotten scholarships.
Survival Center and Insurgent may be able to help. SCA has budgeted up to $1000 to help send our members to NASCO. Tickets are currently $270 (W/taxes) to go there. Currently co-opers would have to have this money up front to buy their tickets, and get reimbursed later. Other possible funding from ASUO? ASUO Student senate meetings are Wednesdays at 7pm, people would have to attend these meetings to try to get additional funds. 

NASCO Discussion: people who have gone in the past have not always told us anything about what they learned--how can we get folks to give workshops/presentations about their NASCO experiences this year?--Possibly reimburse them only after they return and give workshops/presentations, make a zine, etc.  We could have them give 2 workshops--1 at the co-ops during the next general membership meeting for winter term and another at the UO or in SCA houses covering a particular subject of interest in more detail,  on a topic which people show interest in. Additionally they could write an article for the Insurgent.

Proposal: to use up to $1000 in SCA Funds to help send 4 people to NASCO knowing that some proportion will be reimbursed back to us when members get reimbursed from other sources, with the requirement that they give an overview of their experiences at the next SCA General Membership Meeting (or that they meet the demands of other funders instead [such as writing articles for the Insurgent, giving presentations/workshops for the Survival Center, etc.] and pay the SCA funds back), and make a zine, and put it on the wiki. Proposal passes.

Maintenance team update: Jason from the Campbell Club dropped his corporate-maintenance team position so now this job is just divided between Trip and Luke.

Corporate C.R.A.C.: a workshop will be presented the Tuesday before Halloween which will be required for all new members--covering all types of drugs, alcohol, etc. That may be encountered in "College life."  A health professional will be invited to come in and answer questions, etc. Whitebird's substance abuse person may possibly be asked to come. Several campus groups, such as SASS and SAPP that inform people about health/drug use issues, etc. will be invited.  Hopefully this will include someone to talk about the legalities and being caught with illegal substances. 

"New Co-op Group" to be put on agenda of all house meetings, they want to have ~10 minute discussions with the houses, get thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. about what we think of this project, how we would make it better, etc.

WESTCO: do we want to try to get it to happen here? Lorax wants it here. CC says it might be easier for us to go to Cali than for all of them to travel up here. J.S. --it sounds fun to go other places but only if those places are willing to do it.  WESTCO usually happens in April, by the way.

--Family Fun Night tomorrow @ Campbell Club
--Next Board Meeting will be Wednesday at the Campbell Club.