Corporate Meeting 1 Mar 2004

Board Meeting March 1, 2004

Attendance: Ayal, Chris, Hollis, Elizabeth, Melanie, Katie, Eric, Ben, Dinae

-Holly Jo from NASCO will talk to the board about expansion next week.

-Money. No CC reps, no quotes what’s up with that?

-Hollis is still waiting on other bids, will get them hopefully this week.

-Accountant, Edgery & White found to do our accounting for $800 instead of $6000 to Jones & Roth. Passes unanimously.

-Insurance – Chris says we are spending too much on it ($27,000/yr), it goes up a lot…

Personal liability – only one collection in last ten years. If warnings are posted we are covered.

-Hollis & Eric – Money can be more than you think.
-Elizabeth – It’s better to be safe
-Ben – Do we have to have it?

-Ben – People are coming for the conference, welcome them. CASL is interested in working on projects with the SCA. Talk to Patty if you want more info.

-Job description of Ben > Contact potential members, phones, e-mails, print out apps, tabling, coordinate tabling, membership meetings, alumni database, alumni donations.

-We can’t do anything w/o CC quotes.

-Lower rents, and elimination of $50 discounts.

-Raising late charges. Now we pay $11 after one week, $18 after two weeks.

-People seem in favor, fiscal responsibility. Ayal will write a proposal.

-We have $9200 to disburse after savings from accountant and elimination on $50 discount. Rent can be lowered $50 across the board. Maybe even $100.

-CC quotes forthcoming

-Someone will buy LM’s boiler.

-Committee reports-

Education – nothing

Maintenance meeting Saturday at noon

Next meeting 03.08.04 Lorax.