Corporate Meeting 10 Nov 2003

CA Board Meeting November 10, 2003

Attendance- Eric, Richey, Katie, Dinae, Ian, Melanie, Ben, Jesse, Hollis, Paul

Richey distributes finance sheets

Job reports:

Eric has a website for the minutes, has neglected to look at policy book

Ben mentions that people have expressed an interest in further developing the website

Katie reports that the second round of rent payments have been collected

Ian reports that things are going well, interest has been expressed in classes

Melanie- last payment due 12/1 Insulation grade must be increased to get credits for energy, energy audit is forthcoming

Ben- Ads coming out in Emerald, some applications in, many incomplete. Thirty day notice coming soon

Paul- Things are good in the JS

Hollis- Has done a walkthrough of the CC, will have a committee on Wendesday

Dinae- House is good, shocked and awed. Alice will present on NASCO findings soon

Hollis’ internet proposal- (see attached)

Dinae- CC has expressed doubts about this
Ian- CC has fast internet
Ian- Complex, expensive, time, work involved. Doesn’t favor
Paul- Permanent infrastructure
Ian- Technology changes fast; permanence neglible
Dinae- Why change what already works?
Richey- Favors wireless hubs
Melanie- Wireless is fast, less intrusive
Ian- Stuff paid for already
Paul- Wireless is new technology
Melanie- Inexpensive wireless cards
Richey- Wireless is generally faster
Ian- House to house sharing possible
Dinae- Straw poll
Paul- Wants to have web tech board
Ian- Wants to table

(Questions arise regarding work done by web person)

Ian- Wants to table, seconded
Dinae wants Paul to post blank proposal and solicit input

Motion is tabled

Finances discussed as of 11.10.2003, mortgage will be paid 12.01.03

Hollis- Wants Lorax and CC keys

Dinae- Will be holding screen print workshop