Corporate Meeting 16 Feb 2004

Board Meeting 02.16.04

Attendance: Paul, Dean, Kellyn, Melanie, Ayal, Ian, Eric, Katie, Dinae, Amy, Elizabeth, Hollis, Daniel, Matthew, Beth, Parson.

Ayal- $22,000 to spend

Ian – Rearrange agenda?

Ayal – People don’t care about other stuff.


Eric – Nothing big, we think Dean and I will have to look at the roof.

Elizabeth/Hollis – Around $10,000 to fix sewer. Heat quote TBA. Gas water heater. Wiring issues

Dinae – Wiring, 2nd floor bathroom. Smoke detectors.

Melanie - bids are coming in on CC fire stuff, JS sewer.

Ayal – Can we wait?

Next meeting is Sunday, 7:30 JS.

SASS Meeting 02.23 6:30PM

Ian – Harassment complaints statute of limitations?

Membership- New brochures, posters. 30 Day notices due in.

Maintenance – Yeah, we talked about that

Education – SASS upcoming. Consensus workshops should happen. Workshop for 02.28/9

Mustache party 02.20