Corporate Meeting 19 Apr 2004

April 19, 2004

Attendance: Cedar, Ayal, Eric, Katie, Ashley, Melanie, Will, Dinae, Jesse, Hollis, Craig

Check-In: All- Things are good, except Dinae who made some kind of noise.

House inspectors are coming – hide the bad shit.

Schedule he gets there at 7:30, and will be in EVERY room. Membership needs to meet with keys.

LM – W CC – R JS – F Melanie – Insurance company wants to do an inspection as well. Can we use this guy’s report? Melanie will pass on a report by the insurance company.

Dinae – NASCO wants to have new board members. We will vote after committee reports.


Membership > Good. We need to return student status forms. Dorm woman will tell kids who get kicked to move in here. We will be included in a brochure on off-campus housing put out by the ASUO. Date for open hosue will be set next week.

Harassment > Craig is dealing with some stuff. Nothing will happen.

Education > Biodiesel bus will go to WESTCO. 05.21-3. Chuck Hunt will come to the CC on Thursday, next week is another dinner with Peter Warnick. Consensus training is NOT mandatory. The houses should train. Melanie says that at her neighborhood meetings, they review every time. Hollis wants it to be mandatory. Jesse found out that an outdoor trip would be maybe difficult, because LCC students would have to pay more ($12), and half of the slots would have to be non-co-opers. Also, there is only one more van driver training this term. Binders for elected positions, and e-mails > Yahoo Groups? CPR training. Dinae has e-mailed. Policy party will happen.

NASCO Elections:

We will hear candidates’ long term visions and why they are involved. Copies of summaries will be about the houses and people if they care.

Melanie will not be here May 3rd.