Corporate Meeting 26 Apr 2004

Corporate Meeting April 26, 2004.

Attendance: Ashley, Dinae, Jesse, Hollis, Melanie, Craig, Katie, Ayal, Cedar, Eric

Check-Ins: Cedar – We are having a party on Friday. Everybody is good.

House inspections >

All houses have water damage and electrical problems. Houses need GFCI outlets for all outlets within 6 feet of water. They are at Jerry’s, cheap. The CC and Lorax need their water heaters raised > 18” off the floor. Maintenance committee will prioritize the reports. Hollis will do it.


Harassment > good.

Membership > We will be in the ODE’s moving guide, we will have coinciding open houses > CC 05.07 JS 05.21 LM 06.04. Advertising will also be in the EW, and we will have parties at the same time. Interco-op dinners on those nights as well. Student status checks and 30-day notices as well…

Education >

WESTCO Plans are forthcoming, as are working on the darkroom, and a tie-dye workshop. Eric will lead. Beer brewing workshop 05.08.04 at JS, 7PM. NASCO Elections >

Molly, Max, Silas, Emily split votes equally. Eric will handle voting tomorrow Dinae will mediate >

Ayal’s corporate fines proposal. (Two fines and you’re out)

Craig wants to change it to a review
Ayal says two fines per term.
Jesse > Not a demand for positions, also > positive reinforcement, not negative. Worries about it not attracting new members.
Ayal thinks that board positions should be done of free will.
Craig wants a more open dialogue.
Katie says that fines are again more of a deterrent and that people if fined once are likely to crack down on themselves.
Beth > If Alice is the problem, how is fining going to do anything?
Ayal directly responds > Fines are from deposit
Ashley > Proxy counts, good idea
Dinae > Office helper has a tangible accountability.
Hollis > It is Ayal’s job to fine people on the corp. level
Ashley > Can we bring this back to hand.

Vote on proposal > 2 stand asides. It’s in.

Discussion on office helper>

Alice – Hasn’t been doing her job. Would like to resign. Does so.
Craig – What will come of fining?
Eric – Would like accountability, but how?
Jesse – We should all be fined.
Craig – We should all be responsible
Ayal – Job desc. Is in corp. handbook. Would feel bad about retroactive fining. Can we ask her to do some work to make up for it.
Melanie – Would like some help
Hollis – Maybe one week’s worth of fines? Likes idea of asking her to train office helper.

It’s so. Out.