Corporate meeting 29 Oct 2008

The fifth meeting of the 2008-2009 SCA Corporate Board was held at the Lorax Manner on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008.

Check-in (and answer to "what kind of hotsauce would you choose to snort up your nose"):
Lorax Manner Residents: Jasmine, Katie, Monica, Chris
Campbell Club Residents: Ann, Ian, Chris, Ruth (by proxy)
Janet Smith Residents: Thomas, Heather, Erich
SCA Office: Melanie

Maintenance update: I don't think the maintenance people came to this meeting...
Membership update: at next week's meeting they will discuss the changes they have made to the membership application.
Treasurer Update:NEXT RENT/DUES INSTALLMENT IS DUE THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER. PAY UP OR GET FINED! Just kidding, kind of. If you don't want to get fined but don't get paid until after the first, keep reading...

1)SWARM Update: Jasmine went to the Small Business Development Association to see about how to become a subsidiary, and they said, look out, be careful, that's a terrible idea, and do you really want to become a subsidiary? Apparently becoming a subsidiary in the outside world is dangerous business because the corporation you are a subsidiary of can take advantage of you in countless ways, by stealing your property, making up ridiculous rules for you to follow, etc. etc. They didn't seem to understand that our situation was different. Jasmine then emailed someone else, explaining what our situation really was. Hopefully they will get back to us with more helpful news.

2)Fines for late rent payments in the SCA: this was a discussion wherein the fairness of fining poor/working people for late rent/dues payments was questioned. One argument against the fine policy is that most people who end up paying their rent after the deadline do so because they are working and get their paychecks after the deadline for rent.  A second argument was, should we fine someone who already doesn't have the money to make the first payment, thus causing them to go deeper into the black hole of red numbers? There is a fine of something like $25/week for not paying rent, if I remember that correctly (which I probably don't). A proposal by Chris/Ian of the Campbell Club, to make the late-rent-fee into something you could do work-trade hours to make up for, was discussed.

Finally we decided:
If you cannot pay your rent on time due to your pay-day not lining up with the SCA's rent deadlines, please talk to your house treasurer and/or Melanie in the SCA office, in ADVANCE of the rent-due-date, and let them know when you will be able to pay your rent, so that they can expect it from you on that date instead. If you have a reasonable argument, they won't charge you the late-rent-fee.
If members want to propose to work-trade-off their late-rent-charges, they should bring this up on a house level, and individual houses can decide to approve/not approve this.