Corporate Meeting 3 Nov 2003

SCA Board Meeting November 3, 2003 Campbell Club

Attendance- Elizabeth, Paul, Richey, Ben, Chris, Katie, Ian, Eric, Thomas

-Richey reminds us that we, as board members, can be fined

-Ian needs to set up mediation training

-Hollis needs to work on the prices for his proposal, funds for extra porta pottys will come out of maintenance funds

-Eric will make a website and will edit the minutes

-Paul is doing great!, and so is Chris

-Elizabeth- $40 from bake sale will go into membership fund. In terms of logging, Ben has a database

-Katie signed for the line of credit for the heat at Lorax

-Previous minutes were reviewed

-Heating billed at 10% down, six monthly payments, interest-free on remainder

-Energy credits a possibility at $5,000

-Melanie wants energy audits

-Hollis’ proposal unclear to Melanie in some points

-Campbell Club now has internet

-Hollis’ proposal will be brought up next week

-All at CC needs to sign except Berle. All of Lorax needs to sign Eric, Jasper & Elizabeth JS needto be fined

-Fining is possible, certain if jobs are lacking

-Finances – discussed already