General Membership Meeting 1 Apr 2007

  • Second half of the meeting, following secretary elections. Rest should be forthcoming. As should more creative presentation as I learn how to jive with this wiki-thing**

Reelection of Corporate Maintenance, Second Half

  • Darton is resigning
  • The houses voted to elect a new second-half of corporate maintenance to tag-team with James. Election will take place at the upcoming corporate meeting - Tuesday, 4/3/2007, 7 pm, at the Janet Jaxon.
  • If you want to be nominated for the position, you have to be at the meeting or proxy.
  • Currently running: Aaron and Trip.

New Corporate Positions

Bike Coordinator

  • The houses voted to add this new position at 5 points
  • Duties will include helping with complicated or large repairs; large bike projects such as storage or trailers; bike advocacy, such as organizing rides and events; being available as a general resource for the community in case of bike questions; organizing weekly, bike-related workshops
  • The houses elected Taylor of the Lorax to the position.

Corporate Historian

  • The houses voted to add this new position at 4 points.
  • Duties will include digitally archiving the co-op archive material and putting it on the wiki. Possible duties discussed include bi-weekly historian reports and coordination between house historians.
  • The houses elected Amy and Brittany (both of the Campbell Club) to split the job, receiving 2 points each.
  • For those curious, the archive is on the 2nd floor of the Campbell Club.
  • Brittany will update us when she discovers whether someone actually drowned in her bedroom.

Revisiting Corporate Positions

  • At the end of this term, the entire corporate board will be reviewed in terms of job positions, job descriptions, and point assignments.