General Membership Meeting 28 Mar 2004

General Membership Meeting March 28, 2004

Attendance: Cedar (LM), Ben, John (CC), Allie (LM), May (CC), Zints (LM), Chris (LM), Ashley (CC), Dean (LM), Dinae (CC), Max (CC), Gretchen (CC), Ayal (LM), Kellyn (LM), Craig (LM), Elizabeth (JS), Nate (CC), Paul (JS), Jesse (JS), Beth (JS), Katie (LM), Maggie (CC), Alice (JS), Patty (LM), Marco (JS), Dan (JS), Hollis (JS), Sean (CC), Eric (LM), Bethy (JS), Matthew (JS), Will (LM), Paul (LM) Amy (LM), Thomas (CC) <33>

Dinae introduces board approval of 8% discount and elimination of $50 discount (which never existed), we also upped fines, to 25 after the 8th day and 75 after the 15th.

-Ayal tells us to make note that you will not receive a discount.
-May says + reinforcement works better than –
-Ayal says that the system benefits those who have more money more than others

25 for, passes.

Consensus training soon. Dinae goes over it in brief.

8% dues pass with 31 for

We have a new accountant.

New membership coord. Dinae reads description. It’s four points.

Nominees > Bethy, Ashley. Ashley wins.

New corporate CRAChead. Dinae reads decription. May explains. It’s 4 points

Nominees > Maggie, Bethy, Craig. Craig wins.

Patty will have a party, APril 30

Ben we are having a bake sale on the 5th.

First corporate meeting is April 5th.

Craig and Bethy are getting married. Yay!