General Membership Meeting 4 Jan 2004

General Membership Meeting January 4, 2004

Attendance: Richey (LM), Katie W. (LM), Jon (LM), Chris (LM), Treasure (LM), Dan (JS), Philip (JS), Elizabeth (JS), Bethy (JS), Alice (JS), Craig (JS), Ashley (CC), Max (CC), Hollis (JS), Ayal (LM), Cedar (LM), Chelsea (CC), Dan (CC), Maggie (CC), Berl (CC), May (CC), Lara (CC), Praxis (CC), Matthew (JS), Thomas (CC), Sumeet (LM), Will (LM), Eric (LM), Dinae (CC), Marco (LM), Amy (LM)

Proposal 1: If SCA goes into debt, assets go to U of O

Elizabeth (JS): If we have to liquidate, the money goes to a scholarship fund for students. She doesn’t see where it delegates where the buildings go. Also, as a non-profit, does this put that status into doubt.
Richey (LM): We can vote pending non-profit status.

Motion is tabled for letter discussion

Proposal #2: To eliminate Corporate Maintenance Coordinator

Craig (JS): What did the CMC do for the houses?
Richey (LM): Nothing was done, he did everything. He sees the maintenance people as working together
Dan (CC): Little interaction, agrees with Richey
Elizabeth (JS): Disagrees, thinks Hollis tries.

Hollis (JS): Tried to have a couple meetings, nobody came. Would like to have more communication, trying to figure out sewer at JS.
Thomas (CC): Supports it, says problem is with position, not individual

Vote: Passes with 24 for.