General Membership Meeting 6 Oct 2003

General Membership Meeting 10.06.03

Attendance- Not taken by name (36 at 7:03)

Richey (L) introduces resolutions to ratify.

1- Banning policy (2/3) needed to pass (see attached)

Ian (CC) Brings up issue of personal conflict among a specific house, brings forth idea of notifying other houses on banned members.

Jesse (JS) Details example from last year, says that definitions are unclear, and w/o due process or time frame. Subverts consensus process and house autonomy.

Chris (CC) Agrees with Jesse and Ian; likes idea of circulating reasons for banning. Doesn’t agree with idea of banning at all.

Alice (CC) Three house policies differ from each other

Ben- Policy lacks definition, is vague, needs to be rectified

Richey (L)- Likes Ian’s idea of communication; says idea of communication needs to be addressed, but not formally.

Hollis (JS) – Wonders if harassment might be more appropriate to deal with this.

Ben – Likes idea of sticking with membership

2 Proposal to eliminate vice-president (see attached)

Richey (L) introduces and explains it.

Maggie (?) Proposes merging of VP and CAR

Chris- (CC) - Speaks for the proposal, using many four-letter words.

Melanie- Brings about legality of eliminating position.

Ben- Enumerates value of VP in terms of the Education Committee

Elizabeth (JS)- Says duties aren’t lacking, it is individuals.

Ian (CC) – Wants to table

Richey (L) – Proposes eliminating CAR and dropping job to 2.

Hollis (JS) – Has been CAR, thinks points should be 3.

Tim (?) – Asks Ben about compensation for points

Ben- Thinks two is fine

Ian (CC) – Thinks that 2 is not fair compensation

Alice (CC) – Thinks 3 is good.

Vote to combine VP & CAR – passes by visual majority

Rules suspended by consensus

Vote on 2 points v. 3 points goes in favor of two

Jobs are combined

3 Proposal to eliminate house reps (see attached)

Richey (L) – Gives breakdown of proposal

Eric (JS) – Reminds people that anyone can attend or proxy to a board meeting.

Proposal passes via visual majority

4 Proposal to restructure compensation of Business Manager (see attached)

Melanie explains duties as Business Manager

Hollis (JS) – Wants to see minutes

Will (CC) – Thanks Melanie

Elizabeth (JS) – Mortgage is an eventuality, not a plan.

Richey (L) – Explains policy

Elizabeth (JS) – Has issues with continuity, and is independent of the house itself

Alice (JS) – Agrees with idea of continuity. What if they have a kid, etc.

Cole (?) – Decision should be made at time.

Ben- Expertise at issue. Being bothered off-duty

Eric (JS) – Agrees with Ben, member or employee? > employee

Richey (L) – Agrees to table, proposal is withdrawn

Election of VP/CAR

Ben explains duties, see also policy book

Nominees are: Dinae (CC)

That’s that.