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Business Manager

Revised: March 1995

General Function

The Business Manager shall work to insure the successful operation of Students' Cooperative Association. S/he is accountable to the SCA Board of Directors and directly supervised by the Chairperson.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Financial Accounting
    • Maintain a complete set of journals and ledgers in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
    • Review and post all transactions, close books and prepare financial statements (quarterly, yearly, and cumulative) within 4 weeks of period closing date.
    • Pay bills on time and classify expenditures.
    • Receive cash, make bank deposits and classify income.
    • Maintain current balances for member accounts receivable at all times.
    • Review all bank account reconciliations by the 15th of each month and coordinate changes to signers on accounts the first week of each term.
    • Assist outside CPA's with the yearly financial compilation or review.
    • Record member bills, pro-rate special cases.
  • Financial Management
    • Board of Directors
      • Attend all Board meetings for which s/he has been given 48 hours notice.
      • Make weekly reports to the Board on the financial status of the Co-op, including occupancy, member debts, cash reserves, status of budget preparation, and (annually) financial compilation or review.
      • Educate the Board on financial strategies, process and history.
      • Initiate proposals and projects as needed, and/or as directed by the Board of Directors.
    • Financial Committee
      • Attend all Financial Committee meetings for which s/he has been given 48 hours notice.
      • Train new Corporate Treasurers. Assist Corporate Treasurer with training of House Treasurers.
      • Focus and define financial problems and goals.
      • The Business Manager is ultimately responsible for the collection of both past and present member debts.
    • Budgeting
      • Coordinate the production of an annual budget.
      • Organize member contributions to the process.
      • Monitor budget compliance throughout the year.
      • Investigate and report on any significant variances from the budget.
      • Initiate and oversee long term financial planning for such projects as capital improvements and expansion.
      • Provide up-to-date financial information for the purposes of determining house food budgets and other account surpluses and/or deficits.
    • Business Liaison
      • Represent SCA to financial institutions and other businesses SCA works with.
    • SCA office
      • Maintain regular office hours that are convenient to students.
      • Maintain organized, researchable files of all financial documents.
  • Organizational Management
    • Inform the Board of any obstacles to the performance of his or her duties as Business Manager.
    • Inform the Chairperson, and if necessary the Board, of any inadequacies in officers' performances.
    • Suggest ways to streamline and improve organization and communication.
    • Provide documentation of routine tasks and responsibilities, and update on an on-going basis.
    • Assist in the compilation, review, and update of all SCA and house policies.
    • Perform routine computer file management, including backups of both office computer data files.
    • Order computer and office supplies, including house and food checks and other organizational supplies needed throughout SCA.
    • Provide up-to-date Board and Financial Committee folders at the beginning of each term.
    • Assist in the hiring of any part-time and/or temporary SCA employees, including, but not limited to, Collections Agent, Recruitment Coordinator, etc.
    • Directly supervise, evaluate, and fire (as necessary) any part-time and/or temporary employees as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintenance Management
    • At the request of either the SCA Chairperson and/or SCA Corporate Maintenance Coordinator attend all Maintenance Committee meetings for which s/he has been given 48 hours notice.
    • Initiate and oversee long-term financial planning for Capital Improvements projects.
  • Other Management Responsibilities
    • Assist in membership recruitment and education as the directed by the Board of Directors, either directly or through supervision of a Recruitment Coordinator and/or Member Services Coordinator.
    • Assist in the progress of the Expansion Committee as directed by the Board of Directors.