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(Revised and Approved by Board of Directors July 2003)

1.  The SCA Chairperson is a corporate officer, elected at a general membership meeting. (For legal purposes, the position also carries the title of "President".) The term of office is one year from the date of election.

2.  General Responsibilities:

A.  The Chairperson is accountable to the Board and to the general membership for overall performance of duties as set forth in this position description.

B.  The Chairperson works closely with the other corporate officers and must develop a basic understanding of how to coordinate the work of several persons on a variety of tasks.

C.  The Chairperson monitors all ongoing corporate activities and progress toward Board-established goals, and keeps the Board informed on such matters.

D.  The Chairperson has the authority to appoint chairpersons and members of all special committees which may be established by the Board.

 E.  The Chairperson is a legal representative of the corporation, along with any others designated by the Board.  They are authorized to sign on all corporate bank accounts.

 F. The Chairperson serves as the head of the Expansion Committee.

 G. The Chairperson serves as a Job Coordinator for the board members.

3.  Specific responsibilities:

                A.  Quarterly Responsibilities:

                                1.  Make a verbal report, at general membership meetings, of issues that concern the membership.

                                2.  Work with Board, Committee Members, and employees to:

                                                a.  Establish overall goals, tasks, and time lines.

                                                b.  Review progress regularly, between Board meetings.

                                                c.  Identify issues that need Board or Committee action.

                                3.  Keep the Board of Directors informed as to the performance of the Business Manager.

4.  Attend all General Membership Meetings unless excused three days in advance by the Speaker.

5.  Facilitate the first Board of Directors meeting and then find a volunteer facilitator for the next meeting. Ensure that someone, other than yourself, is facilitating the rest of the Board meetings.

                B.  Weekly Duties:

1.  Attend all Board meetings unless there is a valid excuse and the Speaker and Facilitator are notified 24 hours in advance.

                                2.  Serve as one of two principle check signers on the general account:

                                                a.  Review checks and documents for proper authorization and budgetary compliance before signing.

                                                b.  Be available for check-signing at least twice a week.

c.  Answer questions the Business Manager may have from day to day.

                                                d.  Duties as Needed

3.  Prepare an annual report at the end of the school year summarizing the major board issues, financial status, and physical improvements that took place during the year.

4.  The Chairperson will co-supervise the summer interim coordinators/summer work-trade system (if any) with the membership coordinator and the organizational committee. The Chairperson will work hands on with the interim coordinators.  

5.  The Board may request the Chair to take on additional projects that are not in this description.

4.    Compensation: The Chairperson receives four (4) job points as compensation.