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Committee and Meetings Policy

(Approved by the Board of Directors March 1, 1993)

1. General Information A. All committee chairs shall give reports to the SCA Board of Directors on a regular basis, according to how often the committee meets.

B. Ad-hoc committees may be formed as needed, such as Hiring Committees, Expansion Committees, or other committees dealing with specific issues.

C. Any member of SCA may be an At-Large member of any committee. The compensation for at-large members is one work-party credit, with prior approval of the Board and Committee Chair, providing the at-large member attends all committee meetings of the term.

2. General Committee and Meeting Procedures A. The committee chair will consult with committee members and schedule meetings when all can attend. In case of an irresolvable conflict, the schedules of permanent members shall receive priority.

B. All board and committee meetings shall be posted 48 hours in advance of the date of the meeting in a visible and commonly frequented location in all of the SCA houses. These postings shall include the date, time, and location of the meeting, and the specific agenda items to be discussed. The general membership meetings shall be posted 72 hours in advance.

C. All SCA meetings, with the exception of Harassment Committee meetings, are open to all members at all times, and all may participate in the discussion and decisions of the committee.

D. Staff members and contracted service providers should be invited to attend relevant committee meetings.

E. The consensus process shall be used in reaching decisions in all meetings, except for elections at the General Membership Meeting and House meetings at the beginning of each term.

F. The quorum for each meeting shall be as follows: General Membership Meetings: ½ of all contracted members, with a minimum of 1/3 from each house present. Board Meetings: simple majority. Committee Meetings: 2/3 of the standing committee members.

G. Compensation for being on committees is already part of the jobs points for standing members who are on committees.

3. Standing Committees

The following are the standing committees of SCA. Full descriptions of each can be found in the appendix section of the SCA Policies Handbook. Accessibility Committee Harassment Committee Education Committee Membership Committee Maintenance Committee Organizational Committee Food Committee