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Consensus Workshop Policy

(Approved by the Board of Directors March 3, 1993)

  • The Students Cooperative Association uses consensus as a decision making procedure for all meetings except for the elections for corporate and house officer positions. (These elected positions are determined by majority vote at the General Membership Meeting for corporate positions and the first house meeting of each term for the house positions.)
  • A consensus workshop will be held each term to help educate old and new members about how consensus works. All new SCA Board members must attend the consensus workshop for that term.
  • The consensus workshops should ideally be scheduled the second Sunday of every term. This allows the houses to elect officers the first meeting, but is still early in the term to help the houses use consensus more actively.
  • There are several potential vendors for our consensus workshops: Alpha Farm in Deadwood, Oregon, and DUMA Co-op here in Eugene both have members that teach consensus workshops. Whomever we choose should be contacted at least three weeks before the meeting is scheduled. (Neither of these organizations work on our "term basis" and so the arrangements need to be re-confirmed each term.)
  • The workshops last approximately three hours, and should be scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. and end at 10:00 p.m. The workshop is divided into two sections: the first half focuses on consensus itself, and the second half explains facilitation in the consensus process. Refreshments are a nice way to split up the break and can help get rid of the discomfort that three hours can bring.
  • The workshops should be paid for at the time they are held, with a general account check made payable to the vendor, and charged to the Consensus Workshops line item.