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  • Decide on menu at least two days before you cook, to see if meal includes any preparation, such as soaking beans, obtaining special ingredients, reserving veggies from communal usage, etc. Check food board for meal ideas.
  • Check for possible leftovers in silver fridge and try to use them up first.
  • In planning your menu, try to include grains, beans/lentils/other good sources of protein, and vegetables.
  • Clean off kitchen counters, stove, and cutting boards, and wash your hands.
  • Set out plates, cups, silverware, water, etc. in serving area.
  • Make 'late plates' for people who need them.
  • Rinse, stack and soak (if necessary)dirty dishes for the dish washers. Clean up your mess as much as possible as you go. Put away extra vegetables, grain sacks, etc.
    • Note: Any pots that have burned on food must be cleaned by the cook.
      • Dinner is cooked from 4:00-6:00. 4 Points
      • Lunch is cooked from 10:30-12:00. 3 Points