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Financial Review Policy (Updated 02/16/2017)


An SCA member is put up for membership review on a corporate level when they are 7 days past due on a payment fee. 

Beginning 2/16/2017, members who receive income between the 5th and the 10th of the month may make a special temporary payment schedule with house treasurer, corporate treasurer, and the office to pay their fees by the 10th of the month without being brought to a financial review. These arrangements expire on Sept 1, 2017. Special temporary payment schedule forms must be filled out with the corporate treasurer.

A corporate membership review is conducted to assess the member's ability to pay their share of the SCA fees and to establish a method by which they will repay their entire debt by the end of the same term. Each review will consist of the following:

  • Establishment of a payment method where the member outlines their plan for eliminating the entire debt by the end of the term
  • A discussion of any extenuating circumstances that have led to their current and past debt levels
  • A review discussion by the members in attendance at the corporate meeting of the debt and risk, all undertaken in the reviewee's absence
  • Consensus on a course of action regarding the member's conditional stay in the SCA, or steps towards termination of membership and eviction

If a member is summoned for corporate review, they have until the designated meeting time to pay off their debt in full. If payment is made in full then the review does not take place.

The Collections Policy which outlines the penalties and processes of unpaid fees. Additionally, the Fee Payments and Credit Policy elucidates how fees are collected.

Corporate Review Summons

The following is a draft of the review summons:

Dear [SCA Member],

SCA policy mandates that any SCA member 14 days past due on a fee payment be brought to a corporate membership review. Our records indicate your balance due is $[balance]

Please come to the next SCA corporate meeting for your membership review:

[Day], [Date]
[Time]pm at the [Place]

At the review you will be able to establish a payment plan to pay off your entire debt by the end of the quarter, discuss why you haven't been able to pay your fees, and discuss any extenuating circumstances you've gone through related to payments.

Your membership in the SCA and residency in the SCA houses is under review. Failure to show up for the review is grounds for eviction. If you cannot attend the next corporate meeting, please notify our business manager - [Name], the corporate treasurer - [Name], as soon as possible. You will be expected to arrange a review time, and send a proxy to the corporate meeting. 

[Name] - business manager
SCA corporate office
Lorax Manner

~your corporate treasurer

Missing Corporate Reviews

In the event that a member is summoned to a review and they fail to appear for any reason, they are expected to communicate as outlined in the summons and proxy either in written form, or via an advocate who speaks on their behalf. A failure to either appear for the review or communicate with the board is a strong sign that the member does not appreciate and respect the community in which they are living. The following steps are then taken for a missed review:

  • The member is given 1 week from the time of the scheduled review (i.e. until the time of the next corporate meeting) to make contact with the business manager and corporate treasurer regarding the review and to communicate their plan for repaying their debt.
  • The member must make a payment within that week of one-third of their total balance regardless of getting in contact with a board member or the business manager.
  • The member must attend the following corporate meeting for a membership review as stated above, or send an advocate in their place.
  • If any of the above are not fulfilled then the member will be given a 72-hour notice of eviction, at which time they will no longer have residence in the SCA houses.

Missed Corporate Review Notice

As decided upon by the corporate board of the SCA, and in addition to the corporate membership review policy, your failure to appear for corporate membership review is now grounds for eviction from the SCA. You have one week to complete all of the following three items in order to suspend the eviction process:

1) Contact the business manager or any member of the corporate board of the SCA to communicate your corporate membership review, your debt situation, and establish a payment plan by which your entire debt to the SCA will be repaid by the term's end.

2) Repay one-third of your current term's total balance to the SCA, which comes to an amount of $[1/3 of debt amount].

3) Attend the corporate board meeting that will occur the following week on [Day], the [Date], at [Time]pm. The corporate board meeting will take place at the [Place], [Address]. If you cannot attend, or choose to not attend the meeting, you may send an advocate to proxy for you.

If you cannot accomplish the three items specified above, the corporate board will then give you a 72-hour notice of eviction, at which point you will have 72 hours to vacate the SCA houses. The SCA will collect any outstanding balance remaining in your account either directly if a payment method is established, or through a collection agency if contact is not made.

You are strongly urged to make contact with a corporate board member or the business manager regarding your membership review. The contact information for the business manager and the corporate treasurer are listed below.

[Name] - business manager
SCA corporate office
Lorax Manner

~your corporate treasurer