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House Meetings Policy

(Approved by the Board of Directors November 2, 1994)

1. Each SCA house must have at least one meeting for every week of the term (excluding Dead and Finals weeks).

2. A member missing more than 1/3 of the house meetings can be evicted by the SCA Board of Directors:

  • A. A member will be considered as "attending" if they submits a proxy prior to the meeting time. Each individual house may decide if these proxies must be written or oral.
  • B. After a member has missed 3 house meetings, the facilitator will talk to the person and explain that if the member misses one more, the member will need to appear at the next Board of Directors meeting to "plead their case".
  • C. The Board will then decide whether the member should be excused from house meetings due to extraordinary circumstances. If not, the Board will recommend that the member's contract not be renewed for the following term.
  • D. A member who fails to appear before the Board, and has missed more than the allowable number of house meetings, will automatically lose membership rights at the end of the current term, and will not be given a contract for the following term.
  • E. There is no provision for appeal after the term in which the member missed the house meetings: if a member wishes to continue to be a member, they must appeal to the Board during the term in which they miss the house meetings.

3. House facilitators/presidents are responsible for making the board aware of members who have missed more than 1/3 of house meetings.

4. Any discussion of a member's status due to missing house meetings shall be documented and placed in the member's file in the Business Office.

5. Members whose contracts have not been renewed because of missed house meetings must wait at least two terms to reapply for membership. The application for re-admittance must include a letter explaining why they wish to be readmitted, and contain a statement that they will abide by the house meetings policy if readmitted. Membership Committee shall have the final decision on whether to readmit the member or not.

6. This policy shall become effective Winter Term 1995, and will not be enforced during Summer Terms.