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House Membership Coordinator

The House Membership Coordinator is an elected position of each house. Term of office shall be decided by the individual house, but it shall not exceed one year. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Help promote & advertise the Lorax's greatness to the outside world.
  • Give new members great tours of the house!
  • Working with the Membership Committee, manage recruiting, acceptance and placement of new members within the house.
  • Make sure members sign their contracts, 30-day-notices, etc. in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain up-to-date information on residents and room numbers.
  • Keep the spare keys to each room, make copies as needed, and make sure keys get returned.
  • Serve on the membership committee, read over new member applications and approve/deny applications.
  • Conduct an orientation session for new members at the beginning of each term.


  • Forty days prior to the end of the term, survey the current membership to determine:
    • Whether they will be returning or moving out the following term.
  • Room preference for returning members.
  • Forwarding addresses for members that are moving out.
  • Help recruit new members in conjunction with the Membership Committee.
    • Inform the house of openings and encourage members to bring their friends and classmates to the co-op for dinner.
    • Communicate with prospective members: respond to mailed inquiries by sending the brochure, application, fee information, and any personal comments you many have. If people come in person, give them a house tour and invite them to dinner or a party. Try to encourage members to give them a warm welcome.
  • Accepting new members: all people are accepted who have submitted an application and deposit, are a student of higher learning in Lane County, are able to pay the fees, and are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership. Check references especially in regards to ability to pay and to reside responsibly in a large household.
  • Call or write accepted members as soon as possible and request a confirmation. As you work down the waiting list keep in touch with the people, informing of their position.
  • Assigning rooms: determine from the current member surveys which rooms are available. Post vacant rooms for current members' selection. Allocate rooms according to room allocation policy. For fall term allocations use the SCA Room Allocation Policy.
  • Contracts and handbooks: In conjunction with the SCA Membership Coord, insure that all members have submitted a valid contract for the current term. Once contracts are turned in, new members are given their keys and the current handbook (if they do not already have one).
  • Provide the SCA Corporate Membership Coord with a membership list (showing names, room numbers, and double/single) within 7 days of the beginning of the term.
  • Conduct a new member orientation session:
    • Give the new members a house tour.
    • Summarize important SCA and house policies, refer them to the House Notebooks.
    • Tell them about meals, meetings, the job lottery, quiet hours, the board, work parties, and what living in a coop is really like.
  • Deposits: as deposits are submitted give the check or money to your House Treasurer and get the receipt. Checks should be made out to Students Cooperative Association, or S.C.A. Return the receipt to the person as soon as possible and inform them of their position on the waiting list. Give them the information sheet which explains our deposit refund policy.
    • Room Allocation: As current members request rooms, record their request in your notebook.
  • Waiting list: Record the person's name, address, single/double preference, and the date their deposit was received on the waiting list as applications and deposits are received. Remember we must have a deposit to put someone on the waiting list. Once the 30 day notice time is up and you know the standing of the current membership, begin to take names from the waiting list in the order in which the deposits were received.
    • 4 Points.