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House President

(Very old - approximately October, 1992)

  • The House President is an elected position of the house. Term of office shall be decided by the individual house; however, it shall not be for more than one year.
  • The House President is primarily responsible for overseeing the operations of the house and organizing the house government.
  • The House President is a member of the SCA Board of Directors.
  • The House President is accountable to the house as a whole and to the Board.
  • At the option of the house, the President shall either facilitate the house meetings or organize the appointment of a guest facilitator.The President shall take steps to ensure that:
    • An agenda is planned and posted prior to the meeting.
    • The meeting is facilitated in a fair and organized manner.
    • House meetings are held regularly.
  • The President shall attend all SCA Board meetings. If unable to attend, the President should notify the Chair in advance.
  • The President should be aware of all house and corporate rules and policies, and enforce them as necessary.
  • The President shall aid and supervise other house officers as necessary.
  • The President is a member of the organizational committee.
  • The President shall be a cosigner of the house checking account.
  • The President is expected to spend an average of 1 and a half hours per week performing the duties of the position, equivalent to 3 job points.
  • The President, during Summer term, will oversee the performance of the house's Summer Guardians and report to the Organization Committee.