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House Representative

(Updated 5/10/10)


The House Representative is an elected position of the house. Term of office shall be decided by the individual house; however, it shall not be for more than one year.


A. The House Representative is primarily responsible for educating house members about board activities and corporate issues. 

B. The House Representative is also responsible for informing the board on members' opinions and preferences. B. The House Representative is a member of the SCA Board of Directors. 

C. The House Representative is accountable to the house as a whole and to the Board.


A. At every house meeting the Representative shall give reports and answer questions concerning recent board decisions. 

B. The Representative is expected to attend the quarterly Board retreat, unless excused at least three days in advance by the Chairperson. 

C. The Representative shall attend all SCA Board meetings. If unable to attend, the Representative should notify the Chair in advance. 

D. The Representative should be aware of all house and corporate rules and policies, and educate members as necessary. 

E. The Representative shall serve as house President when necessary. 

F. The Representative is a member of the educational committee. 

G. The Representative shall act as a representative of the house to any interested party.


Compensation for House Representative is 2 points