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House Treasurer & Secretary

House Treasurer:

A house treasurer shall be elected by each house at the first house meeting of each term. The House Treasurer shall serve for one term. Secretary & Treasurer Jobs of the Lorax Manner have traditionally been combined.

  • Assist the business manager in the collection of all fees from their respective house members, including but not limited to membership fees.
  • Ensure that financial records for their respective houses are coherent.
  • Ensure compliance with the budget of their respective houses.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient funds in the house checking accounts.
  • Attend all Financial Committee meetings.
  • Pay house expenses in accordance with the Corporate Spending Policy in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain the accuracy of house checkbook at all times, including updating Business Office regularly.
  • Make treasurer reports at each house meeting regarding the status of house maintenance, discretionary, and education funds.
  • Deliver Member Account Balance notices before each fee installment due date.
  • Accept all guest fees at their respective houses.
  • Take all fees collected, and SCA copies of receipts to the Business Office on Wednesday of each week.
  • Deliver all fees collected as a result of a regular installment due date to the Business Office by 3:00 pm. of the day following the installment due date.
  • Communicate with the Business Manager and Corporate Treasurer when house checking account needs additional funds deposited or a budget adjustment.
  • At the end of each term:
    • Update and finalize house checkbook and spreadsheet, and account for all receipts and checks.
    • Turn over receipt book to the Interim Coordinator of House Guardian and train in the proper use.
    • Return house checkbook to the Business Manager.
  • The house Treasurer shall report directly to the Corporate Treasurer and their respective House President.
    • It is suggested that the house treasurer receive: 3 Points.

House Secretary:

The house secretary is primarily responsible for recording and disseminating information concerned with house government and administration. Secretary/Treasurer jobs in the Lorax Manner have traditionally been combined.

  • The house secretary is accountable to the house as a whole, the House President, and to the Job Coordinator(s).
  • The house secretary shall maintain a record of the membership of the house. The record shall include:
    • All current members and boarders.
    • Current room assignments.
    • Permanent addresses for all members to forward mail.
    • A list of all current house officers.
  • Concurrently with the House President, the Secretary shall plan and organize all house meetings. Together they should create and post agenda for the meeting and review proposals that are to be acted upon.
  • The secretary shall record the minutes of all house meetings.
    • Minutes should include:
      • Date, time and location of the meeting.
      • Members attending the meeting.
      • Summaries of the reports and discussion.
      • The final wording of any proposals acted upon.
      • All voting results.
    • Minutes should be copied and posted on the house bulletin board and file all minutes in the House Notebook and in the Secretary Manual.
    • Any proposals that change or create house policies of rules should be retyped and included in the House Notebook.
  • The House Secretary shall maintain the House Notebook which is designed to be a collection of all government and administrative material of the co-op.
  • The House Secretary shall be responsible for forwarding mail to members who have provided a forwarding address.
  • The house Secretary shall report directly to the House President.
    • The house Secretary is expected to do 1.5 hours of work per week. 3 Points.