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Investment Policy

1. Investment Objective of the SCA endowment fund is to provide a source of funding for board approved programs such as the start up/continuation grant fund for Northwest Cooperatives. Through Socially responsible investing we would like to see our principal grow, and the amounts of money allocated for programs to increase.

2. Fund Additions and Withdrawals: Contributions to the fund will become a permanent part of the principal of the fund. At no time shall withdrawals be permitted such as to cause an inflation adjusted deficit relative to actual dollars contributed. Student Cooperative Association may withdraw the total adjusted net growth of the fund on an annual basis to support board approved programs such as the Northwest Co-op Start Up and Continuation Grant. Withdrawals will be made October 15th annually. Beginning Fund Balance + Adjustment for inflation(3%) + Reinvestment(1%)= Fund balance to be Preserved Year End Fund Balance-Balance to be preserved-Management Costs = Annual Withdrawal

3. Portfolio Composition and Performance The fund may be allocated between mutual funds, stocks, and cash and equivalents such as community redevelopment loans. The SCA would like to see the following investment model followed: 20 % Cash or Equivalencies 60% Balance with moderate growth 20% Growth 4. Social Criteria It is the objective of the fund to invest in entities which are considered responsible in matters concerning the following:

  • A. Environment- Concern for the environment through meeting high standards in recycling, waste reduction, and conservation.
  • B. Community Development- Responsible investment in local communities.
  • C. Employee Relations- Offering The right to organize, competitive compensation, and have committed to build a diversified work force.
  • D. Product Quality and Safety: Products or services that are of high quality and are useful to society.
  • E. Animal Rights and Testing: Exclude companies that treat animals in a cruel manner.
  • F. Corporate Citizenship: Adherence to a responsible code of business ethics and whose philanthropy supports progressive social change. If companies operate outside the U.S. they should offer their workers the right to organize, provide a livable wage, and provide a safe work place with full protection from harmful elements. We specifically wish to exclude investments that are directly related to tobacco, weapons, alcohol, and gambling.

5. Oversight

This fund will be managed by the Endowment Committee which consists of the following members: Board President, Office Manager, Board Treasurer, and Board Secretary. These four members are the only people authorized to execute any transactions. The responsibilities of this committee include meeting quarterly to review investment statements, report progress to the board, and calculate annually the amount of interest earned that will got o funding board approved projects such as the Northwest Cooperative Start Up and Continuation Grant Program. Any change in policy must be approved by the Board of Directors.