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Key Policy

(As revised and approved by the Board of Directors October 15, 1996)

1. House and Room Keys

  • A. Upon moving in to SCA, each member will be given 1 key to the front door of the house and 1 key or set of keys to the room that they will occupy. These keys will not be given to them until they have signed their contract and paid their deposit in full.
  • B. If a member moves from one room to another, s/he will not be given a key to the new room until they have returned the key to the old room.
  • C. Each member will be required to return their keys before they leave.
  • D. Failure to return SCA keys upon leaving or changing rooms will result in forfeiture of the $35.00 key deposit ($10.00 for room key and $25.00 for front door) that was paid upon moving in. These charges shall be credited to the Maintenance Account of the member's house, and be used to purchase a new lock for the bedroom they occupied.
  • E. House Membership Coordinators will have a Master set of keys to all the rooms. The President of the house will have a key to the Membership Coordinator's room in case that person is not around. In addition, an extra key for each of the rooms shall be store in the SCA Business Office in case of emergencies.

2. SCA Business Office Keys

  • A. Members holding the following positions shall receive a key to the Corporate Business Office:
      • SCA Chairperson
      • SCA Speaker
      • SCA Corporate Treasurer
      • SCA Corporate Secretary
      • SCA Membership Coordinator
      • SCA Office Helper
      • SCA Maintenance Coordinator
      • LM Board Representative(s)
      • SCA Harassment Coordinator
      • CC Board Representative(s)
      • SCA Recruitment Coordinator
      • JS Board Representative(s)
      • SCA Business Manager
      • SCA Collections Agent (if any)
      • SCA Summer House Guardians (if any)
  • B. The Board may distribute additional office keys as requested and/or required from time to time.
  • C. The above approved key holders will also be given all house keys (if necessary).
  • D. Any member not holding the above positions may request a house key from any house at a house meeting. The members of the house must consens.
  • E. When new members are elected to the above positions, the past key holders shall give the new person their key to the office.
  • F. Failure to return SCA office keys upon leaving or election of new officer will result in a $10.00 charge for the office key and $25.00 charge for each house key (if applicable). The office key charges will be credited to the Office Expense account for use in changing the lock at the discretion of the Board and/or Business Manager, and the house key charges shall be credited to the house maintenance accounts.