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Maintenance Coordinator

(Approved by the Board of Directors 5/10/10)

TERM OF OFFICE. The Corporate Maintenance Coordinator shall be elected by the general membership. The term of office shall be for one year from the date of election. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES. The Corporate Maintenance Coordinator shall have the following general responsibilities:

  • Work closely with all house maintenance handypersons, as well as other board members, to oversee the upkeep, and develop an understanding, of the maintenance needs of SCA's houses.
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Chair the Maintenance Committee.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES. The Corporate Maintenance Coordinator shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Report to the Board of Directors concerning:
    • maintenance committee actions
    • overall status of SCA's buildings
    • any budget irregularities for maintenance and capital improvements or repairs.
  • Convene Maintenance Committee Meetings at least once a month. Post meeting agendas in each house at least 48 hours in advance.
  • At the beginning of each term, ensure that all new house maintenance handypersons understand their job responsibilities.
  • Monitor spending on maintenance, equipment purchases, and capital improvements, and be prepared to discuss spending with the board and the maintenance committee.
  • Meet with the Business Manager on a regular basis to discuss the financial aspects of building maintenance and capital improvements.
  • Ensure that roof and attic signs are posted in each house.
  • Take care of any maintenance needs for the SCA Business Office.
  • Guide and assist professional contractors and inspectors as necessary.
  • Accompany City of Eugene Fire Inspector on semi-annual inspection of all houses (Fall and Spring Terms) and ensure that all houses are prepared for these inspections. Follow-up immediately on all items listed as requiring attention on the Inspection Report.
  • Ensure that all work party documentation is turned into the SCA Business Office by each house maintenance handyperson no later than noon on the last Saturday of each term.
  • Maintain a project diary (projects and problems), and update the wiki.
  • Review the SCA Maintenance Coordinator Job Description and Project Diary with successor, and train successor.


  • The SCA Maintenance Coordinator will report directly to the SCA Chairperson.
  • The SCA Maintenance Coordinator will receive 6 job points as compensation.