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Membership Requirements

As Revised and Approved by the Board of Directors Fall 1996

1.  New Applicants:

A.  In order to be considered for membership in SCA, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

1.  submit a completed membership application along with the required application deposit;

                                2.  provide proof of the ability to pay membership fees;

                                3.  have the application cleared by the Harassment Committee;

                                4.  be a student as defined below; and

5.  demonstrate willingness to participate in a cooperative environment.

B.  All membership applications submitted to the Membership Committee shall include written proof of ability to pay, including but not limited to financial aid forms, tax returns, bank statements, and/or letter of parental support.  An application shall not be considered if the applicant does not submit proof of ability to pay or the required application deposit.

C.  All applications shall be reviewed by the Harassment Committee:  if it is found that there is a file on the applicant, the Harassment Committee may deny membership based upon their assessment of the severity of the incidents described in the file.

D.  All applicants must be a student as defined below:

1. Enrolled at the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, or Northwest Christian College for a minimum of 3 credits per term (one credit during Summer terms); or

                                2. A student enrolled in a vocational or trade school offering federally funded financial aid.

E.  Upon completion of the above requirements, an applicant may be admitted for membership if there is an appropriate vacancy as determined by the Membership Committee; "appropriate" means that they will meet with our membership and gender balance needs.

2.  Current Members:

A.  Once admitted, a member continues to be eligible for membership as long as s/he maintains student status as defined above, continues to pay fees in a timely manner, and contributes cooperatively to both the house and SCA as detailed in the Membership Contract.

B.  If a member has been a member in good standing for at least two terms, the Membership Committee may exempt the member from the student credit requirements in special cases:

1.  The member must be a student for the two terms preceding the term in which the member is requesting exemption, and intend to be a student the term following the exempt term;

2.  The member must request the exemption from the Membership Committee the term before the term in which the member will not be a student; and

3.  The exemption may be granted for reasons such as financial aid difficulty or acceptance into an internship program.

C.  Exemptions may only be granted one term per member per year, and one member per house per term.  All exemptions granted by the Membership Committee must be reported to the Board of Directors.

D.  Failure to maintain the credit hour minimum throughout a term without prior approval of the Membership Committee will result in immediate termination of a member's contract, leading to eviction.

3.  Former Members:

A.  For the purposes of this section, the term "membership application" shall include applications from former members of SCA.  Any member that leaves SCA for any reason, except members leaving for summer vacation, shall be required to submit a new application to the Membership Committee for re-admittance.

B.  No former member of SCA who owes any outstanding debts to SCA may be accepted for membership until the outstanding debts have been paid in full.  Members that have been evicted for financial reasons are only eligible to reapply for membership as outlined in the "Delinquent Members Collections Policy.

C.  Members that have been evicted for harassment reasons are not eligible to reapply for membership.