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Non-credit Status Policy

(February 21, 2001)

1. A student is considered having Non-Credit status if s/he is enrolled at an institute of higher education and is taking classes for Non-Credit, Audit or some other similar classification deemed equal by the Board of Directors.

2. Non-Credit Status is granted by the Membership Committee on a first come first served basis. In order to be considered for non-credit status applicants must attend a membership committee meeting and submit a completed application.

3. The Membership Committee must ensure that only 25% of the total general membership of the SCA be students with Non-Credit Status. Under no circumstances will this percentage be exceeded.

4. Non-Credit Status must be applied for the term previous to the term the member will actually have the non-credit classes.

5. A member must be registered for the minimum number of credits as if s/he were registered for credits as outlined in the membership requirements.