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Parking Policy

(November 2008)

1. All parking spots are shared by all SCA members.

2. No dead cars in parking spots will be allowed.

3. Non SCA members may not park in SCA spots.

4. SCA members will have no more than ONE car parked in co-operative spots, at any one time, barring extenuating circumstances.

5.  If you are parked at the JS and you go out of town, you must leave your keys with someone w/in the co-op and you must leave contact

     info. for that person on the centralized car list.

6. All decisions regarding parking will be resolved at a corporate level.

7. A list of car owners, make, model, room number, house, and phone number should be made and posted in each house.

8. Parking stickers are available in the office and must be displayed in order to park in SCA parking spots.