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Past Parking Policy

(As Revised and approved by the Board of Directors 7/29/97)

Due to the limited availability of parking at SCA houses, SCA will strictly enforce the following parking policy:

1. Only current SCA resident members are allowed to park in any of the SCA parking spaces.

2. SCA provides reserved parking for the following positions: A. Van drivers for each house B. Business Manager

3. Any member who parks in a reserved spot is responsible for any parking fines incurred by the person who's spot it actually is. The amount of the fine will be directly charged to the member's fee account.

4. In addition to the charges above, SCA has the right to tow cars found in any of these three reserved spots. Car owners are responsible for all charges associated with the towing of their car.

5. A copy of the current towing contract shall be kept in the Business Office, along with the list of those authorized to call for vehicles to be towed. It shall be the responsibility of the Corporate Maintenance Coordinator to update this list with authorized names.