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Projector Policy

(October 2005)

Use of the projector will be granted to those who propose their idea (either in person or in a letter with the appropriate details) to the corporate board during corporate board meetings. This will be the policy until the projector is mounted in the Lorax. Once mounted a list shall be posted in the Lorax so that people can sign up for times to come and watch movies. If someone wishes to take the projector out of the co-ops (or into one of the other houses) that person must come to the corporate meeting to propose their idea. Whenever the projector is checked out it will also be signed out. Before it is mounted it shall be in the possession of Corporate Membership who will be in charge of checking it out. Once it is mounted, Corporate Membership and the SCA office will have keys to access it. In addition a calendar with all the times the projector is scheduled to be used should be posted.