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(As Revised/Approved by the General Membership on Sept 24, 2017)

The Speaker is a corporate officer and a voting member of the SCA board of directors. The Speaker is elected at a general membership meeting for a term of one year from the date of election. The Speaker is accountable to the Board and to the general membership for overall performance of duties as set forth in this position description.

The Speaker's responsibilities are the following:

  • Serve on the Board of Directors, attend all board meetings unless there is a valid excuse and the Facilitator has been notified at least 48 hours in advance, and assist the board of directors in carrying out its duties. This means keeping him/herself informed of SCA issues and taking an active role on the board.
  • Act as Chairperson When Necessary. The Speaker serves as Chairperson in case of the absence or inability of the Chairperson to serve, and becomes Acting Chairperson in the event of a vacancy.
  • Facilitate General Membership Meetings. The Speaker facilitates general membership meetings whenever they are called and posted as prescribed in the By-Laws.
  • Involved in Major SCA Issues. The Speaker takes an active role in the most important corporate wide SCA issues. Examples of important corporate wide issues are expansion, staff hiring, staff evaluation, and alcohol liability.
  • Education.
    • Chairs Education Committee. The Speaker calls and facilitates three to four education committee meetings a term (see education committee job description).
    • New Member Training. The Speaker makes certain that new member training occurs in each house each term. New member training is best carried out by current or outgoing house presidents and/or membership co-coordinators. It is the Speaker's responsibility to locate individuals in each house who will carry out the training, make certain the training actually take place, and to develop general guidelines on the content, format, and scheduling of the training. New member training should include a description of house operation and organization, SCA history, co-op philosophy and principles, and SCA corporate organization.
    • Group Process Training. The Speaker arranges for a group process training each quarter. The intent of the training is to teach people how to have more effective, efficient, inclusive, fun meetings. The training is held during the first three weeks of the quarter and includes a section specifically for facilitator training. This training is very highly recommended for both new and returning members and mandatory for board members.
    • Chairs alumni committee
    • NASCO Institute. The Speaker and the education committee are jointly responsible for sending SCA representatives to The NASCO Institute in Ann Arbor every fall. (see education committee "job description" for more details).
    • Other Educational Activities. The Speaker coordinates any other educational activities that the general membership, the board, or the Speaker request or deem necessary.
  • The Speaker is the liaison with any national/regional/local organizations and/or networks SCA is a member of. The exception to this is the West University Neighborhood Organization which is served by SCA's WUN Rep The most important organization the Speaker must deal with is NASCO/CCDC. The Speaker has the following responsibilities as NASCO liaison:
    • The Speaker distributes NASCO/CCDC mailing materials to relevant SCA officers after reading them him/herself.
    • The Speaker maintains and updates The NASCO Newsletter, Other Co-op Newsletter, and Miscellaneous Co-op Publications Notebooks. S/he also maintains and updates the job posting folder and other existing NASCO/CCDC folders.
    • The Speaker writes or calls NASCO/CCDC whenever there is information the board, a committee, or an SCA officer wishes to acquire from NASCO/CCDC.
  • The Speaker Is the official liaison between SCA and both the West University Neighborhood Association (WUN) and the University of Oregon's Campus Community Relations Task Force (CCRTF)
  • The Speaker Is responsible for relaying Information from these organizations to the membership of SCA, as well as bringing SCA's point of view to these organizations.
  • The Speaker Is responsible for organizing the required 2-hours per person community service work party each term, and then reporting actual hours worked to each House Building Czar.
  • The Speaker shall arrange community service work party opportunities for the general membership, advertise the opportunities, and report all hours worked to the House Building Czars to be Included as part of a member's work party requirements.
  • Compensation: The SCA Speaker is compensated 6 job points.