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Tent Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors 1/27/93

SCA owns two large blue tents. They were purchased in the Summer of 1993 for the Board Retreat. They are valued at $120.00 each.

1. The Speaker shall be responsible for the tents.

2. The tents shall be kept in the Campbell Club House Office.

3. The tents' first priority in life is to house board retreaters.

4. The tents may also be used to members of SCA in good standing provided that these tents' presence are not requested at the Board Retreat.

5. If a member wishes to use the tents s/he must check out the tents from the Speaker.

6. Should the tent(s) become damaged by a member's carelessness (of course no one would dream of damaging either of these creatures), that member shall be responsible for the damage.

7. Directions for the tent assembly shall be kept in each tent carrying bag, and extra copies shall be kept in the SCA office. Directions shall not be lost.