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Work Party Policy

As Revised/Approved by Board May 1998

  • All members, except boarders, are required to do 10 (ten) hours of work party per term. (Members joining later or leaving before the end of the term required to do one hour of work party for each week or portion of a week that they reside there.) Boarders are not required to do work party.
  • Of the required 10 hours, 5 (five) must be non-fluff, 2 (two) must be community service, and the remaining (3) three can be fluff, non-fluff, or community service, as the member wishes.
    • To clarify fluff and non-fluff:
      • FLUFF WORK PARTY: tends to be either a particularly simple task or things that will only benefit the house for the current term (week or day). Examples are moving and stacking a pile of wood, party security, random cleaning, tabling for members, etc.
      • NON-FLUFF WORK PARTY: tends to benefit future co-opers as well. Permanent improvements or alterations are non-fluff. Periodic maintenance or cleaning tasks that elude the job chart or exceed job hours. Examples are spraying moss off the roof, cleaning range hoods, patching walls, necessary painting, building permanent structures, and excess historian work.
      • The Building Czar has the final say on what is fluff and what is non-fluff. If okayed by The maintenance committee a co-oper may perform non-fluff WP at the house they do not reside in. Any Building Czar that exceeds the work party requirement for credit must submit his/her tasks to the maintenance committee for non fluff approval. The maintenance committee consists of the SCA Maintenance Cord, Building Czars, handy folk, and interested co-opers.
  • The work party is to be completed before or during that term. All work party must be completed by midnight on the Friday of finals week.
  • All work party should be pre-approved by the house building czars. Completed work party must be submitted in written form to the building czar for credit. In addition, work party may be approved by all SCA committee chairpersons, the CAR Rep, SCA Chairperson, and/or the Speaker/Education Coordinator, but cannot be approved by the job coordinator.
  • Each building czar must submit a completed work party list to the SCA Business Office at or before midnight on the Friday of finals week. This list should include all members of that house. Work party fines and credits will be listed where appropriate. All work party fine and credit forms must be documented in triplicate. One copy goes to the member, one to the house records, and one is submitted to business office along with the list.
  • Each member will be fined $5.00 for every uncompleted hour of work.
  • To receive rent credit a member must first satisfy the required number of hours with non-fluff work party. Then s/he will receive $3.00 rent credit per hour of non-fluff work party performed thereafter. Building czars have the final say on what is considered fluff and non-fluff. There is a maximum work party credit of $100.00 per calendar year per member.
  • Excessive fluff and non-fluff can be counted towards a future term's WP requirement.
  • Normal day to day jobs performed over interim (dishes, toilets, plunging toilets, etc.) are not WP. Aside from that, interim is a good time for WP.