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SCA Garden Plot

Spring 2009

  • For the THIRD season in a row the SCA has a garden plot at the Alton Baker Park Community Garden. This page will be used to give updates to what is going on in the garden and links to garden resources.

Hey Everyone! This is what has been planted in the garden thus far (April 3, 2008). You all should thank Sequoia, Luke, Ian and Isa for getting it all started! I am going to post a few of the emails regarding the garden so that everyone can be in the loop!

4.4.08: Friday at the Garden! Isa, Ian and I added some great chicken compost from Lane Forest Products, weeded the northernmost bed and planted a bit of peas. Hope to see more of you out there next week! ps You don't have to be a "couple" to garden! I am seeing a bit of a trend: Isa and Ian, Luke and Sequoia (rumor?), James and Melissa.

Garden Tasks

If anyone wants to go get dirty at the plot, there are lots of things that can be done by yourself or with a group!

  • Weed! Weed! Weed! Refer to the planting map above so you don't pull up vegetable starts by mistake.



Here is what's growing at the JS! 24 sweet corn plants, 14 bush beans (purple and green string beans), 12 soybean plants, 13 eggplant (4 heirloom verieties), a lot of siskyou sweet onion, about 70 tomato starts, peppers, cilantro, marigold (to companion plant in our garden), cantalope, cucumber, zucchini,... I think that is it. so we were planning to put onions, bush beans, soybeans and all the rest in when they get big enough (one month I'd say for a lot of them) . we are growing many of the tomatoes in buckets at our house, but we definitely have enough that there will be tons of plants for our garden and anyone else who wants them. -Taken from an email writen by Sequoia.

Oh! And we well definitely see that a pumpkin or two gets planted James!