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JS Fence

  • Budget: $1,000
  • Coordinator: Kevin
  • Description: Kevin will be building a fence along the south/18th Street side of the Janet Smith, enclosing the yard for member use.
  • Progress: Completed!
    • The fence has been installed and the official New Fence Party was held on the 4th of July, 2007. In addition to the new fence, a series of trellises were installed for future vines and plants along the top, the wood deck behind the JS kitchen was expanded and in the new section a wood bench was constructed, as well as a small corner table-shelf. The back of the new bench is up against the inner edge of the fence, and below the bench is new storage space. All the JS'ers were overjoyed with the fence results. The new "back yard" took shape and now JS has a sweet private outdoor space for BBQs, movies, and hanging out.