Helpful tips about the current situation of the house electrical

Did the electricity just go out?

 - The obvious thing to do is to check the breaker box, BUT a less obvious element about our particular box is that flipped breakers don't always appear to be flipped! So, identify the suspected breaker(s) and with your fingers, see if they are comparatively loose by touch. If they are, then switch the breaker all the way off, and then turn it back on. 

- Did that not work? Did nothing appear to be loose? You can try to systematically flip off and then on each breaker until the power gets turned back on.

-Did that not work? I (Luke W) would either find a more knowledgeable co-opper, or call an electrician.

Preferred Electrician: Our co-op has a good relationship with Think Electric  www.think-electric.com  541-232-1212 . "Turtle" is our man and has a lot of experience at our houses. 

 We have also developed a good rapport with the Electricians that worked on the Summer 2009 Rehab project at the CC and LM, though I don't know the name right now. I will try to fix that.

Electrical Issues Log:

Fall/Winter 2009 - An electrical fire in the "blue tool room" in the basement 1) Scares us 2) Leads LW to cap off and cover an outlet in that room.

Winter 2010 - Too many space heaters and other electrical devices have led the front rooms of the upstairs to flip their breaker. LW removed a space heater from the guest room and the breaker no longer flipped. Too much current for our system!

April 2010 - The furnace stopped working, the furnace repair person came out and told Richard it was an electrical issue. He recommended an electrician. The electrician identified a bad breaker in Box B and noticed that our breaker box was at the end of its life. The breakers have actually been melting the connections inside the box!

April 2010 - The breaker has again flipped for the front upstairs rooms. Too much current.