Pilot Light:
If the oven isn't working check to see if the pilot light is lit.  
If you get down on your hands and knees you will see a red button, if the pilot light is lit you will also see the blue flame, this is the same flame you'll need to re-light to get the oven working again if it's not lit.  See below to see a picture I took of what it looks like when the pilot light is lit.  If you need to re-light it remove the racks and metal pans in the bottom of the oven to get to the pilot light. Press the red button, also in picture and light the single burner in the front under all the crap you take out.  Note that you'll need to hold that red button down for at least 7-15 seconds.  Note also that dirt and grease is actually good and that this picture is not a reflection of the actual cleanliness of Le Maison de Jaxxon.

January 2009:  The oven was calibrated.