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Janet Smith Work Party Ideas

All house members are required to do 5 hours of work party per term.  Of the required hours, the goal is to do a balance of both fluff and non-fluff projects. Seek approval from house or job coord for community service as work party.
  • Fluff work party tends to be either a particularly simple task or things that will only benefit the house for the current term (week or day).
  • Non-fluff work party tends to benefit future co-opers as well. Permanent improvements or alterations are non-fluff.  If any materials are needed to complete a non-fluff work party project, the project and the materials need to be proposed and approved at a house meeting.
  • Community service involves doing some work for an organization outside the SCA.
Fluff Work Party
  1. Washing windows
  2. Scrubbing kitchen cabinetry
  3. Defrosting freezers
  4. Re-organizing kitchen contents (removing old tupperware, making sure everything is in labeled spots, etc.)
  5. Re-organizing a tool or storage room
  6. Organizing/debreeding the free pile
  7. Organizing/debreeding the woodshed/compost area/behind the house.
  8. Taking old items/furniture/etc. to the dump/St. Vincent dePaul's/etc.
  9. Weeding the garden (technically part of Houseplants/Porch/Yard job, but it can get overwhelming).
  10. Hosing off the front porch and wheelchair ramp (may need a pressure washer).
  11. Vacuuming upholstered furniture
  12. Polishing wooden furniture

Non-Fluff Work Party
  1. Extra Historian work:  supplying the historian with pictures of house events, helping the historian come up with descriptions and projects, etc.
  2. Refinishing hardwood floors in the foyer, living rooms, dining room, and/or guest room.  (Should be done once every five years.)
    1. Foyer last refinished (?)
    2. Front living room last refinished (?)
    3. Back living room last refinished (?)
    4. Dining room last refinished fall 2006.
    5. Guest room last refinished (?)
  3. Scrubbing wood floors and applying a sealant afterward. (Should be done once a term.)
    1. Foyer last scrubbed (?)
    2. Front living room last scrubbed (?)
    3. Back living room last scrubbed (?)
    4. Dining room last scrubbed (?)
    5. Guest room last scrubbed (?)
  4. Painting the walls of a common room or area
    1. Foyer last painted 2005
    2. Front living room last painted (?)
    3. Back living room last painted spring 2008
    4. Dining room last painted spring 2008
    5. Kitchen last painted summer 2005
    6. Pantry last painted fall 2008
    7. Basement hallways last painted summer 2005
    8. Basement bathroom last painted summer 2005
    9. First floor hallways last painted summer 2005
    10. First floor bathroom last painted summer 2005
    11. Second floor hallways last painted summer 2005
    12. Second floor bathroom last painted summer 2005
    13. Second floor nook last painted summer 2008
    14. Guest room last painted (?)
  5. Installing/repairing basement storage shelves
  6. Installing/repairing bicycle storage/racks
  7. Repairing exterior steps (kitchen stairs, stairwell stairs, porch stairs, deck stairs).  (In good order as of Fall 2010)
  8. Repairing the deck or deck benches.  (In good order as of Fall 2010).
  9. Repairing the exterior hatch to the roof.  (High Priority repair as of Fall 2010.)
  10. Trimming tree branches and removing volunteer saplings.
  11. Patching holes in the walls or ceiling or improving poorly done past patch jobs.
  12. Spraying moss off the roof
  13. Cleaning the gutters
Community Service
  1. Volunteering in the community gardens for Food for Lane County