LM Maintenance History

Lorax Manner Maintenance History

Table of Contents:

*Electric (lights, power outlets)

*Plumbing (toilets, showers, sinks, pipes)

*Washer and Drier Machines

*Infrastructure (wall removal, wall addition, shelving, bunk beds, etc.)





*Kitchen Related (major infrastructure such as ovens, faucets, sanitizers, cabinets)

*Internet Related

*Fire Safety and Fireplaces

*Painting and Plastering (not mural related)


*Room Theme Changes

*Non-Stationary Maintenance and House Purchases (includes bicycles, kitchen gadgets, tools, etc)

*Outside (compost, walkways, structures, etc)



*2003, Fall - Steam powered radiator heaters replaced with 3 gas powered forced air furnaces and corresponding duct work. Qualified for high-efficiency rebates (it is efficient).

ELECTRIC (lights, power outlets)
*2009, Summer - Electrical outlets replaced with new ones and new light fixtures added.

PLUMBING (toilets, showers, sinks, pipes)
*1985, ??? - New water boiler installed by Olsen Mechanical
*1990, October - Estimate from Professional Environmental Associates, Inc. for an ‘asbestos containing pipe insulation’ removal project in the tool room, boiler room, and bike room and dirt room (All 3 houses?).
*2006, Spring - Water heater/boiler replaced
*2007, Spring - Sanitizer replaced
*2009, Summer - Toilets on 2nd and 3rd floor replaced with dual flush; 2nd and 3rd floor bathroom floor drains re-plumbed.
*2009, ??? - Greywater toilet installed into 3rd floor bathroom.
*2012, Winter - 300 gallon steel hot water holding tank from the 50’s corrodes through, cut up and removed, and replaced by 2 80 gallon upright glass lined hot water holding tanks.
*2012, Winter - Water begins slowly pooling in tool room laundry basins for first time ever(?). New hot water system related? Drains snaked to allow water to drain.
*2012, Winter - 2nd floor showers 2nd left shower regrouted.
*2011-2012, Summer-Winter - 2nd floor showers 1st left shower tile and pipe replaced. 2nd floor showers opened again with only 1st and 2nd left showers working.

*2012, January - Old dryer vent in laundry room blocked off to prevent cold air from coming in.

INFRASTRUCTURE (Wall removal, wall addition, shelving, bunk beds, etc.)
*2002 or before - 1st floor shower / bathroom removed from current rear house entrance past SCA office and Room 2.
*2010, Fall - New roof hatch built with hinges.
*2010, Fall/Winter - Wooden bicycle racks built for the Rec room.
*2011, Winter - Tables built for holding wheels in bike room
*2011, Winter/Spring - Vertical support beam between Vortex and Kitchen removed to get new stove in.
*2011, Fall - Bunk bed removed from Room 15.
*2011, December - Second bunk bed added to Room 10
*2012, January - “Work Trade Room” (basement furnace room), walled in.

ROOFING (Rooftop drains included)
*2010, Winter - Rooftop leak found around chimney flashing
*2010, ??? - North-East rooftop water drain fixed after cracking within the house section.

*2011, Spring - Sliding doors between the foyer and Vortex fixed.

*1992, Summer - Asbestos removal from basement required after basement tiling torn up.
*~2002, Summer - Floors sanded and varnished
*2006, Summer - Kitchen floor replaced.
*2009, Summer - 2nd and 3rd floor bathroom sub floors/floors replaced.
*2010, Summer - 1st floor sanded and varnished.
*2011, Summer - 1st to 2nd floor stairs sanded and varnished.

*2009, Summer - 2 original kitchen windows replaced with modern windows.
*2011, Fall - Basement and 1st floor windows weatherized with foam stripping.

KITCHEN RELATED (major infrastructure such as ovens, faucets, sanitizers, cabinets)
*2007, Spring - New faucet installed
*2007, Winter - New commercial dishwasher/sanitizer installed
*2006, Summer - The stove venting and the stove itself was pressure washed/degreased.
*2011, Winter - New double oven range bought and installed

*2011, Summer - Router added to library.
*2011, Summer - Internet cabling upgraded from CAT5 to CAT6 and added to vortex and library areas.

*2012, Winter - Stove fire suppression system altered to meet standards of new stove
*2012, January - Fireplace chimney swept

*2010, ??? - Will and Darton make personal veggie oil processing room below outside kitchen stairs.
*2010, ??? - TV setup added to Rec Room.
*2011, Spring - Art room moved into Rec Room.

*2006, Summer - Kitchen repainted.
*2010, ??? - Basement work trader room next to band room - wall redone to stop house’s foundation leak.
*2010, ??? - Rec room wall redone to stop house’s foundation leak.
*2010, Summer - Meeting room and Vortex repainted.
*2012, January - Library re-plastering and re-painting.
*2011-2012, Fall - Winter meeting room re-plastered.
*2012, January - Room 7 Re-plastered.

*2009, December - Whale in front of room 8 on the 2nd floor paper mached and painted.
*2010, December - Vortex Lorax coming out of tree stump painted.
*2011, Spring - The Lorax by Dr. Seuss paper mached into the Vortex.
*2011, Fall - The Lorax by Dr. Seuss mural painted over and ripped down.

NON-STATIONARY MAINTENANCE AND HOUSE PURCHASES (includes bicycles, kitchen gadgets, tools, etc)
*2006, Summer - A pressure cooker and industrial blender were purchased.
*2007, Winter - Industrial food processor purchased
*~2005, ??? - Burley tandem purchased for food runs after other (nicer) one was stolen.
*???, ??? - Food Dehydrator purchased.
*2010, ??? Vitamix found broken upon arrival purchased.
*2011, December - Bagged vacuum cleaner bought (expensive / supposedly high quality).
*2012, January - Corded drill bought

OUTSIDE (compost, walkways, structures, etc)
*~2000, ??? - Front NE cob bench built specifically designed for
*~2000, ??? - Front wall created by a landscape architect specifically designed for passersby to sit.
*2011, Summer - Cob benches added in northwest corner of property.
*2008, ??? - Cob oven built
*2010, ??? - Cob oven destroyed because it was falling apart due to having no cover from the weather.

*2011, Summer/Fall - Lorax Manner maintenance map created. Talk to the office manager or email sage.liskey@gmail.com for a copy
*2012, January - New Sound Panels Built

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